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    Stuck at 'Restart camera'?

    Allow access to your camera to start a video call

    If your browser cannot access your camera or microphone you will get stuck when trying to start a video call. This page explains several ways to resolve this issue and slo shows how to set your default device in the browser.

    Video Call needs access to your device's camera and microphone to conduct a video consultation.

    As you start or join a Video call, you will be asked to allow access to your camera and microphone for the Healthdirect Video Call site. Always click Allow when prompted.

    If, however, you have denied access to your camera in your browser settings, you will get stuck because the camera is an essential requirement (as is your microphone).

    When stuck on this page with a blocked camera, it is not sufficient to click "Restart camera" to re-activate the camera. You will need to go either into the browser settings or your mobile phone/tablet settings to set the camera and microphone permissions for your browser - see instructions below.

    Please note: You will see a notification that this will be an audio only call if you have allowed your microphone but not your camera. This isn't ideal as your service provider needs to see you. Follow the steps in this article to allow your camera

    Click on the browser you are using below to see how to re-allow access to your camera. Please remember that the recommended browsers are Google Chrome on Windows, MacOS and Android devices and Safari on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). These will give you the best experience during your video call.

    Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop computer

    When in a Chrome browser you can simply click on the camera symbol to the right in the URL bar to re-activate the camera.

    Click on "Always allow...", hit the "Done" button, and reload the page.

    You can also go into Chrome settings and change the camera setting for the site you are using:

    1. In Google Chrome, open a new tab.

    2. In the address bar, enter chrome://settings/content/camera

    3. Chrome's Camera settings page opens.

    From the drop-down list, select the camera you want as your default in the dropdown and, if the site is blocked, remove it from Block by clicking on the bin icon.

    1. Close the tab and start your call.

    Google Chrome on Android mobile devices

    In Chrome on an Android mobile device you can click the little menu on the right of the URL bar (the three dot points) and go to Settings.

    Click on "Site Settings" - and then choose camera. If you find the Healthdirect Waiting Area URL in the blocked section, click on it and then click on the camera symbol and select allow access.

    Safari on iOS mobile devices

    On an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), camera access is controlled from the device's "Settings" application. Open "Settings", then find "Safari", then scroll down to find "Setting For Websites".

    Click on Allow for both microphone and camera access.
    iPhone and iPad allow camera and microphone


    1. In a Firefox browser on a desktop or laptop, click on the "i" (information) button in the URL bar and re-activate the camera there.

    Click on the "Blocked Temporarily" cross to re-allow camera access and then reload the page.

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