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    Troubleshooting and FAQs for Level 1 & Level 2 Issues​

    Troubleshooting guide for personnel supporting Level 1 & 2 Issues

    Troubleshooting: Level 1 & Level 2 Issues

    Issue Type: Patient Queries

    Issue: Patient unable to log in for their telehealth appointment 

    Possible Solution

    Questions to ask user 

    1. Patients do not need an account to log on. To attend an appointment, the patient would have received a link with the appointment information 


    Patients would have been asked to go to the health service website and click on the start video call button 

    Are you a patient/client attending a telehealth appointment 

    Issue Type: Clinician calling as patient unable to login

    Issue: Patient unable to log in for their telehealth appointment 

    Possible Solution

    Questions to ask user 

    Related screen

    1.  Check that the patient has been sent the correct link for the clinic waiting area

    Do you have a button on a website that the patients come to or have you sent the link from the platform?

    If no website button, then instruct clinician to provide the link to the patient

    To find the link and resend to the patient, please log in and find the URL to send the patient on the right-hand side of the waiting area view.

    2. General troubleshooting using the troubleshooting PDF

    Have you done a pre-call test?

    Send them a link to :

    Issue Type: Account/Login details and password

    Issue: User has not received an email to create an account

    Possible Solution

    Questions to ask user 

    1. Contact your practice manager so they can send you an invitation to create your account.

    Have you received an email invitation to create an account? 

    Issue: I have been set up but I have not received my invitation email 

    Troubleshooting steps

    Questions to ask user 


    1. Check if the user appears in the platform by navigating to all users and searching for their name

    What is your name and what would be the email address that your account is created with?

    If user has incorrect email address, add user with correct address and remove invitation for incorrect address.

    2. Check that the email address matches the one in the pending invitations. 

    What is the name of the clinic and organisation that you were added to?

    3. Email could be in their junk mail folder

    Have you checked your junk mail?

    If user has not received email but insists that they have been invited, riase a ticket with healthdirect to investigate. 

    Issue: Unable to see a link in the email to create account

    Possible Solution

    Questions to ask user 

    1.  Try opening the invitation email on a different device. 

    Is there any software installed on your device which may prevent embedded links from showing. Such software usually includes AdBlock and/or firewall software?

    Issue Type: Account Set Up

    Issue: When I click on the link in the email to create my account, I receive an error message 

    Possible Solution

    Questions to ask user 

    1. Disconnect from your VPN and try clicking on the link again.

    (A connection to a VPN, alters the redirection to

    Are you on a VPN?

    Issue: Troubleshooting First Time Sign-in / Registration / Browser Issues

    Possible Solution

    Questions to ask user 

    1.  Use a Google Chrome web browser to open the email link. 


    Copy and paste the link in the email into Google Chrome web browser

    Are you on a windows-based computer?

    Are you on an android phone?

    1. Use Safari (default browser)to open the email link. 

    Are you using an iPhone or iPad? 

    3. If still not working try to clear the cache and reset cookies. 

    For instructions on how to clear cache and reset cookies, visit

    Issue Type: unsupported browser

    Issue: When I login, I get “Your browser is not supported” message. 

    Possible Solution

    Questions to ask user 

    Related screen

    1. Use the Google Chrome web browser on Windows based computers and Android phones

    Are you on a Windows based computer or android phone?


    2. Use the Safari web browser on Apple computers, tablets and phones

    Are you on Apple computers, tablets or an iPhone?

    3. Use the Google Chrome web browser

    Are you on a MacOS device?

    Issue Type: Login/password issues

    Issue: Unable to login after multiple attempts. 

    Possible Solution

    Questions to ask user 

    1. Check if the user appears in the platform by navigating to all users and searching for their name

    What is your name and what would be the email address that your account is created with?

    2Go to , 

    enter your email address and click “SEND RESET INSTRUCTIONS”. 

    Then follow instructions in email which should arrive shortly after. 

    Have you tried to reset your password?

    Issue Type: iPad/iPhone issues

    Issue: Using an iPad/iPhone for telehealth. I don’t see a video and the page is unresponsive, I cannot press any buttons. 

    Possible Solution

    Questions to ask user 

    1. The platform supports iOS 12 or higher. However, we recommend updating to the latest version of iOS as it may include latest fixes for the common issues. 

    Do you have the latest available iOS installed? 

    Issue Type: iPad/iPhone issues with cameras

    Issue: Unable to obtain camera

    Possible Solution

    Questions to ask user 

    1. Camera is being used by another app on the phone

    Is the phone using Zoom, or facetime or skype or doing a test call or in another video call?

    2. Allow camera in settings

    Go to Settings > scroll down to Safari>scroll down to camera>select allow

    3. iPhone/iPad needs to be re-started

    Please restart device

    4. Device is too old

    Check which iOS version is installed and check against the min requirements for iPhone/iPad. 

    5. Issue needs escalation

    If none of the above resolve the issue, please escalate to healthdirect Video Call

    Issue Type: Calls keep dropping out

    Issue: Calls are not of good quality, my patient or I keep dropping out

    Possible Solution

    Questions to ask user 

    Check the bandwidth available on the call.

    Ask the user to look at the traffic light symbol within the call and see the bandwidth that is available. If the number is low, suggest a speedtest is run to test network connectivity.

    Check call quality setting

    Ensure that the call quality setting is set to adaptive or high. 

    Check browser versions

    Ensure that both ends of the call are on the latest version of chrome or safari. If these are not updated, have the users update to the latest versions.

    Complete precall test

    Have the caller go to and complete the precall test. Network changes may be required if errors are returned.


    Who can use Video Call

    Q. Can an Organisation/mental health/ allied health professionals use Video Call?

    A. Triage to Healthdirect

    Q. I'm a private practice, can I use Video Call?

    A. Triage to Healthdirect

    Q. I am a GP, can I use Video Call?

    A. Yes

    Registration/access and contract 

    Q. Until when is Video Call available for GPs to use? 

    A. Healthdirect Video Call can be used by GPs until September 2020 

    Q. How does a GP sign up for Video Call?

    A. Please contact your local Primary Health Network (PHN) to access Video Call directly through them. Or use the Web Link:

    Q. What are the next steps after I register?

    A. You will receive an acknowledgment email followed by details on how to set up your account within 5 business days

    Scheduling, recording etc.


    Q. Can video call sessions be recorded?

    A. There is no in-built mechanism in the platform to record calls. 

    Q. Can I record a video call using an external screen recorder?

    Yes you can use a screen recorder, but you must ask your patient for consent.

    Q. How do you schedule calls in Video Call?

    A. Use your existing practice software to schedule calls/ book appointments.

    Payment and cost

    Q. Is there a way of accepting payment through the platform?

    A. There is no integrated payment mechanism in Video Call.

    Q. How much does video call cost?

    A. Video Call is free to access. It is funded by the Commonwealth dept. of Health. 

    Other costs to consider are your device and internet usage. However the regular costs of your consultation, if any still apply. 

    Equipment and Advice on Telehealth Consultations

    Q: What equipment do I need?

    A: Link to our device requirements page

    Q: Do you have guidelines for GPs doing telehealth?

    A: Please see link on RACGP website to RACGP recommendations:

    Data consumption and usage

    Q. How much internet data will I use? 

    A. A video consultation uses less than half of the data you would use while watching a YouTube video in High Definition*. 

    Data use increases when there are more than two participants in the call. 

    That’s about 230 MB on a mobile device, and 450 MB on a PC for a 20 minute call, which is similar to Skype® or FaceTime®.

    FAQs: Security and Privacy  

    Q. Is Video Call secure? 

    Video Call is built on Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), the built-in security of which uses fully-encrypted connections.

    Patient privacy is protected. Video Call does not by default store personally identifiable information or protected health information.


    Meeting Rooms

    Q. Can I use meeting rooms/user rooms with my patients? 

    A. Strong recommendation not to use meeting rooms and user rooms for health consultations as they are not as private or secure.

    You may have given someone else a link to you room and they can just come in which is risky if you are consulting with someone else.

    Use the waiting area and share the link in the waiting area with the patient or create a webpage for your patients to access their telehealth appointment.

    Q. How many participants can be in a video call at one time.

    A. between 4-6 depending on bandwidth and connectivity

    Generic logins/accounts

    Q. Can I use a common email address for all my staff? 

    We do not recommend using a generic login for security, privacy and auditing reasons. 

    Can’t find what you’re looking for?

    We are currently setting up a GP-specific support line.

    In the meantime please use these other support options.

    Email support

    or speak to the Video Call team on 02 8069 6079

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