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    Meeting room call screen

    For all video call meeting room users

    Once you have set up a video call meeting and invited guests if needed, you can enter the designated meeting room and meet the other participants there. Remember if you have invited participants as guests you will need to let them in as they will be placed in a call queue. The meeting room call screen is similar to the screen you conduct your video consultations in but there are a few differences to note.

    Please note: You can have up to 6 participants in a video call.

    The meeting room call screen has similar functionality to the consultation screen (accessed when you join a call from a waiting area) including the Call Manager and Apps & Tools.
    Click on the Call Manager icon at bottom right to open the call manager drawer.  From here you can accept guests into the meeting if they are waiting under Waiting To Join.
    You can also invite new participants into the meeting and copy the link, if desired.Please note: The meeting room call manager has different options to the consultation screen version. 

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