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    Video Call blurred background

    This functionality is currently in a testing phase and will be released more widely when ready

    Video Call Blurred background - currently in a testing phase

    We are working on bringing blurred background functionality as a setting in the Video Call screen which is currently in a testing phase. During this testing phase we are making sure this capability will work smoothly for all users who choose to enable when it is released on the platform. 

    Please wait until this is made generally available and we will use our regular fortnightly comms to communicate this to our primary contacts. In the meantime you can continue to use third party applications for virtual backgrounds, as outlined on this page.

    Please see below for how blurred background functionality is designed to work.

    Once the blurred background application has been added for all Video Call clinics, team members will have the option to enable a blurred background in their Video Calls. This can be done from the call screen Settings once they have joined a call, and this setting will be remembered for future calls. Blurred Background can be turned on and off as required.

    How to use Blurred Backround functionality:

    1. Sign in to the Video Call platform, access your clinic and join a call with a patient/client.
    2. From inside the Call Screen, click on the Settingscog. The Settings Drawer will open and you will see various settings options for your call.

    3. Click on Select Background and select the level of blur you would like to apply. As you click on a blur level your video feed will update to show the blurred background as it will look in the call for other participants.

    You do not have to click Save as it will update in the call once selected. 

    In this example we have selected a medium blur that other participants will see added to our background.

    Please note: This setting will save in your browser for your next Video Call and you can change this setting at any time from within a call.

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