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    Patient information for remote physiological monitoring

    More information regarding connecting your monitoring device to a Video Call

    Remote physiological monitoring allows your doctor to view and save live readings from your patient monitoring device, for example a pulse oximeter, during your Video Call consultation. Your monitoring device can be connected via Bluetooth into the call and this page has additional information to assist you to successfully connect.

    The information you require to get ready for your consultation with remote monitoring is contained in a Quick Reference Guide. Please click on the link below to access the guide for your device type:

    For more information regarding how to turn Bluetooth on for your device or computer, please see below:

    Turning on Bluetooth on iPhone or iPad

    Bluetooth may already be turned on for your device, unless you have previously turned it off. To check and to turn it on if required:

    You can simply swipe down from the top RHS of your screen on newer, updated iOS devices (for older devices swipe up from the bottom of the screen) and ensure Bluetooth is set to On (tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it on and off). Bluetooth control on iOS device
    Alternatively, go to Settings on your device and select Bluetooth. You will see the Bluetooth toggle switch and can switch to On (green).

    Enable Bluetooth on iOS device

    Turning on Bluetooth on an Android device

    Bluetooth may already be turned on for your device, unless you have previously turned it off. To check and to turn it on if required:
    Simply scroll down twice from the top of the screen and one of the icons will be the Bluetooth icon. You can tap on this icon to turn it on (if not already on) Enable Bluetooth on Android device
    You can also click on Settings on your phone, click on Connections and use the Bluetooth toggle switch to turn Bluetooth on (if currently off). Bluetooth enabled on Android device

    Turning on Bluetooth on Windows and Mac

    To check Bluetooth status on your Windows or Mac computer and turn it on:

    Click the Windows Start Menu and then select Settings > Devices > Bluetooth $ other devices. Bluetooth can then be turned on.
    Go to the Apple icon at the top left of your screen and select System Preferences. Then click on Bluetooth. 

    You can turn Bluetooth on from here if it is currently off.
    MAC OS system preferences
    Bluetooth control on Mac OS
    Turn Bluetooth on and off MacOS

    For more information regarding the WebBLE browser required for your Video Call with remote monitoring on iPhones and iPads:

    Go the App store and search for WebBLE. Click to install the app and provide your Apple ID password, when requested

    This app costs $2.99 AUD to download and install on your iOS device.

    The WebBLE browser allows your monitoring device to connect to your Video Call via Bluetooth.

    WebBLE browser in Apple App Store


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