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    Screenshots for your information leaflets and website

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    Clinician view

    Description Screenshot
    Call screen
    Tools button
    Sign in page
    Available tools
    Share screen button
    Whiteboard button
    Screen share (application) in call
    Screen share (application) in call with available tools panel open
    Remove share screen button - all tools have a bin icon to remove the tool from Available Tools
    Whiteboard open in a call with two people
    Two tools in Available Tools list – white board and screenshare. Can toggle between them to share. 
    Screenshot of waiting area with 1 caller waiting
    Screenshot of patient waiting
    Screenshot of the dashboard when a call is ON Hold (in idle)
    Screenshot of patient on hold
    Typing a message to a waiting patient
    Patient has received 1 message while on hold
    Transfer call button
    Transfer a call from the waiting area - select location 
    Join call button
    Clinic set up with access to meeting rooms only (no waiting area)
    Hang Up button highlighted in a call screen
    Settings, refresh, hang up buttons
    Screen shot of all hang up options
    Button to disconnect only me from call
    Refresh button highlighted in the entire screen

    Settings button in a call screen
    Test call button in the waiting area dashboard for clinician
    Test call button
    Pre call test info page and Start Test button
    Screenshot of test call in progress
    Screenshot of test call results
    How to add new users to a waiting area
    Adding new team member
    How to add a 3rd person into the call (both invite and add to call)
    Adding a new Org Admin (A current Org Admin can do this)
    Running an Organisation Report
    Example Organisation Report

    Patient view

    Description Screenshot
    Screenshot of initial page once patient has clicked on the waiting area link
    Screenshot of patient name and phone number entry
    Important Information
    Patient in call queue
    Patient receives a message while waiting in the call queue
    Patient receives a message that they are being transferred while waiting in the call queue
    Patient being transferred to another clinic
    Adding a new Org Admin (Current Org Admin role can do this)




    Begin a consultation poster
    Attending your appointment via a Video Call - patient leaflet
    Begin a consultation poster - patient guide
    Begin a consultation image only Coming soon
    Participate in meeting poster Coming soon
    Call screen infographic
    Troubleshooting poster

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