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    Video call quality settings - caller experience

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    Why would you need to change your video quality settings?

    While in a call, Video Call will automatically adjust your video quality to meet the available network conditions between you and the other participant/s so as to provide the best quality video and audio experience.

    One of the biggest impactors on the quality of a call is the network conditions of each of the participants in the call, where factors such as the amount of bandwidth, latency, packet loss, and jitter all contribute to the quality of the connection. 

    As the video stream is the largest component of the network traffic sent during a call, you can manually adjust your video quality settings to provide the best quality video experience. You can set the appropriate call quality setting in the configuration settings for your clinic.

    What do callers see when I configure these settings?

    Connection check behaviour

    Setting  Caller-facing notifications/warnings
    Callers will be warned if any tests fail or the bandwidth is lower than required to perform a good quality Video Call.


    Exception Only:
    Caller will be warned when there is an issue with connectivity or with their device but will be able to continue with the call. Exceptions are defined as any problems encountered in a pre-call check such as no microphone or camera detected or low bandwidth issues.


    Caller will be blocked when an exception occurs, warned when video network bandwidth is below 330kbps, and blocked when video network bandwidth is below 180kbps.


    Caller will be blocked when an exception occurs and blocked when video network bandwidth is below 330kbps.



    Warning to caller with very low connectivity. Caller is unable to continue.

    Callers will not see any warnings. They can still run the precall test if they choose to. Please keep in mind this allows all callers will be able to proceed regardless of exceptions or call quality.


    Video Quality Preset

    Adjusting the Video Quality Preset changes the default video quality setting in the settings menu when in a video call. For example, if you change the setting to "Bandwidth Restricted" the callers video will open by default in "Bandwidth Restricted" as shown in the image below. These settings can be changed when in a call if the network conditions allow - but only for that particular call as the configured setting will be applied to each call when it is initiated.

    Adaptive- Automatically adjust quality depending on network conditions
    High Quality- High quality video of up to 720p. This requires an estimated bandwidth capacity of 2Mbps per connection
    Medium Quality- Standard quality video of up to 480p. This requires an estimated bandwidth capacity of 1Mbps per connection
    Low Quality- Restricts video quality to 240p. This requires an estimated bandwidth capacity of 256Kbps per connection
    Bandwidth Restricted- Restricts video quality to 240p at 15 fps (frames/second) for Safari browsers, and 120p at 20 fps for other browsers

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