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    Configuring Post Call URL Links

    What Video Call platform role do I need: Org Admin or Team Admin

    Clinic administrators in each clinic can configure post call survey links that callers and/or health service providers will be directed to after a Video Call. This will require that you have a link to an existing survey that you can direct participants to immediately after the call. All participants can be directed to the same survey, or to separate ones specific to their role (eg caller/patient or clinician).

    Post Call links are configured in the Apps section in the LHS menu. Most commonly this is used for redirecting patients and/or clinicians to a survey after a call has ended. You can, however, direct your patients to other web pages once the call ends, such as a billing information page. 

    How to configure a Post Call Survey:

    Navigate to the clinic that you want to configure a survey for. Click on Apps on LHS of the clinic dashboard.

    Post Call Links will be listed as one of the Apps. To configure the link, click the Configure button.
    Then click on the Details button to the right of the Post Call Links app.

    Once you click Configure you will be able to see all of the properties for that post call link or edit an existing form link. You will see the following fields:

    • Page Title - displays for participants at the end of the call.
    • Page Text - this is the message your callers will see immediately after the call to direct them to the survey.
    • Button Text - this is the text on the button if you decide to use one.
    • Call Type - this sets the type of call that the survey will launch from. Usually, you will want to choose Waiting Area which will send the survey to participants who have been in a call from a waiting area (consultation). You can, however, set this to meeting room to get feedback regarding using Video Call for team meetings.
    • User Role - this sets the type of user that will receive the survey. Choosing "Participant" will configure the survey to be seen by patients once their call ends. Choosing "Host" will send a survey to clinicians. These can be configured to send a separate survey to each type of user.
    • URL- copy and paste the URL for the survey you want to use.
    • Behaviour- this configures how the caller will be directed to the survey.

    Embed in call flow: embedded into the call flow so the call window remains open until the survey is completed.

    Launch from using button: redirected to the survey page with the press of a button.

    Redirect to URL: redirected to a survey page automatically once the call ends.


    * This example configuration is what you'll want to set to send all patients who come through your clinic waiting area to be directly brought to a post-call survey of your choice.                          User Role options
    You can configure multiple surveys for your clinic. This allows you to have different surveys for multiple types of users or call types. For example, you might configure a second form to go out to all participants after a Video Call meeting, as shown in this example. 
    Click the Save button to apply all changes made in the form
    Add form - Click on Add form which takes you through the same process for another User Role or Call Type as required. Add forms for the types of calls and users you would like to receive survey data about. Remember you will need to have surveys ready to go.

    How to remove/delete a post-call URL link

    To remove/delete a post-call URL link, click on the  Remove button and then Click Save to save and apply the changes.
    Note: The remove button does clear the intended form, however, changes will not be applied until the Save button is clicked. 

    See below for two examples of surveys, one for health service providers and the other for patient feedback.  If you need any assistance creating questions for a survey please contact us at



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