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    Using the Call Manager during a call

    Get to know the various functions you can perform using the Call Manager

    During a Video Call, you will have access to the Call Manager at the top right of your call screen. You can use this to perform various functions as shown in the following screenshot:

    Please note: only Video Call account holders (health service providers) will have the Call Manager option in their call screen, patients and other participants who come in using the clinic link will not have access to this functionality.

    In the Call Manager you will see the call duration, any waiting or on-hold participants, the current participants in the call and under Call Actions you will see Invite Participant and Transfer Call. Please see below for more information:

    Call duration
    Shows the duration of the current call
    Waiting or On-Hold 
    Shows any participants you have put on hold from inside the call temporarily. Read more here.
    Current Participants
    Lists all participants in the call and has two options available:
    • On-Hold - puts a caller temporarily on hold from within the call. Read more here.
    • Disconnect - this will end the call for the participant you choose and the call will continue for others in the call.
    Call actions
    • Invite participant - invite a participant directly into your current call. Read more here.
    • Transfer Call - transfer the entire call with all participants to another waiting area, if required. Read more here.

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