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    Introducing video telehealth to your Aged Care service

    Considerations for setting up video telehealth in your residential facility

    Introducing healthdirect Video Call in your Aged Care Service

    Video telehealth can improve access to health services for your residents. Thoughtful implementation will ensure that your facility gets the most benefit and it is worth spending some time planning how to integrate telehealth consultations into your service. 

    Video consultations can facilitate appointments with GPs, specialists and Allied Health professionals. It can be used for appointments with single health service providers or can include multiple parties in one call, co-ordinating care. Family members, interpreters and social workers can be included in appointments, even if the clinician is visiting the facility face-to-face.

    RACF Planning check list

    We have created an RACF planning template that helps your facility ensure everything is in place before offering video telehealth appointments. You can step through the checklist in the document and allocate planning tasks to staff members, as required. You can also edit the template to suit your service's specific needs.

    Click here to download the Aged Care Planning Template.

    The following points are important to consider when deciding how Video telehealth will work best for your facility:


    • Identify which appointments could be done using telehealth
    • Decide on administration processes, e.g. scheduling, resident support during Video Calls
    • Consider existing processes and plan telehealth integration to minimise disruption 


    • Engage with staff to identify and overcome possible barriers and gain staff commitment
    • Choose project leaders and champions to operationalise telehealth 
    • Plan for staff training


    • Speak to your PHN about possible technology support - this can be as simple as buying iPads/Tablets or upgrading your WiFi speed
    • Ensure your facility has a stable internet connection over WiFi/4G/5G and fallback options
    • Decide the logistics for telehealth. For example, will you provide a dedicated telehealth room or moveable iPads/Tablets on wheels that can be taken to the resident's room for their appointment?

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