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    How others are using Video Call

    See how healthdirect Video Call is being used today by health organisations across Australia

    Healthdirect Video call is currently being used by more than 480 organisations with over 10,800 clinics. Some organisations have just one clinic and other larger organisations have many clinics, one for each of their specialty areas. Each clinic has its own waiting area where patients arrive when they start a video call and clinicians can easily join the call. The platform is flexible, intuitive and easy for patients and clinicians to access. Video Call is a great option for patients living in remote and rural areas, or for those with limited mobility who cannot easily travel to see their doctor. Video telehealth is now embedded into the day to day workflows of many health organisations to help facilitate better health outcomes.

    Please see below for examples of organisations who are using Video Call as well as links to articles and reports regarding our service and telehealth in general.

    Examples of organisations using healthdirect Video Call

    Victorian Organisations using Video Call - this page has links to health services.
    Western health has a telehealth page with information for patients, a link to the pre-call test and links to all clinic waiting areas. This makes it easy for patients to find the link for the clinic they need to attend for their appointment. Click here to access Western Health's telehealth page.
    Albury Wodonga Health has a telehealth page with links to information for patients and to the clinic waiting areas. This makes it easy for patients to find the link for the clinic they need to attend for their appointment. Click here to access Albury Wodonga Health's telehealth page.
    Canberra Health Services

    Monash Health

    Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

    Royal Melbourne Hospital

    The Royal Children's Hospital

    Barwon Health
    headspace Swan Hill
    St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

    How other organisations are using Video Call

    Information regarding how other organisations are using healthdirect Video Call and the benefits it provides to patients and health service providers across Australia:

    SA Virtual Care Service
    The SA Virtual Care Service was set up in 2022 to provide more access to quality health care for patients in their home or region. Around 70% of SAVCS patients avoid admission to the ED and instead receive individualised care in place, or via more appropriate services in the community.
    Click here to watch a Video outlining the service and its goals.
    Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED)

    VVED a public health service for non-life-threatening emergencies. Patients can access emergency care from anywhere in Victoria using Video Call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Click here to access the VVED website
    The Women's and Children's Hospital is South Australia provides a Child and Adolescent Virtual Urgent Care Service (CAVUCS). This service connects parents with a virtual team of highly skilled emergency doctors and nurses who can assess and provide medical advice for children aged 6 months to 17 years. In February 2022 the service was the joint winner of the Premier's Excellence Award for Excellence in Service Delivery. Click here for more information regarding this service.
    Click here watch the video regarding the CAVUCS service winning the Premier's Excellence Award for Excellence in Service Delivery.
    Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN) has developed a comprehensive Video Call toolkitto provide assistance to users of the Video Call service.  Click here to access the toolkit
    SA Dental - embedding video telehealth using Video Call into patient pathways via Personify Care
    Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN
    Diabetes telehealth for country WA using Healthdirect Video Call
    Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
    Northeast Health Wangaratta

    Hume Telehealth Agency
    Barwon South West Telehealth December 2018 summary: 2018 has seen 24 departments at Barwon Health save patients over 80,000 kms of travel, equating to over 1,000 hours of unnecessary and stressful journeys being removed from our patients’ and their family members’ lives.

    PHN information regarding Video Call

    Primary Health Networks (PHNs) across Australia have health services in their network using healthdirect Video Call. The table below shows the information PHNs are providing to their health services, to enable them to access and use our service easily and effectively.

    State/Territory PHN/Operator healthdirect Video Call information
    ACT Australian Capital Territory/
    Capital Health Network Limited
    NSW Western NSW / Western Health Alliance Limited
    NSW Hunter New England and Central Coast/ HNECC Limited

    South Eastern NSW / Coordinare

    Northern Sydney / SNPHN Limited

    Murrumbidgee / Firsthealth Limited

    North Coast / Healthy North Coast Limited

    South Western Sydney / South Western Sydney Primary Health Network Limited

    Central and Eastern Sydney / EIS Health Limited

    Nepean Blue Mountains / Wentworth Healthcare Limited

    Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast / Sunshine Coast Health Network Limited

    Gold Coast / Primary Care Gold Coast Limited

    Darling Downs and West Moreton / Darling Downs and West Moreton Primary Health Network Limited

    Northern Queensland / North Queensland Primary Healthcare Network Limited

    Country SA / SA Rural Health Network Limited

    North Western Melbourne / Melbourne Primary Care Network Limited


    Eastern Melbourne / Eastern Melbourne Healthcare Network Limited
    VIC Murray / Murray PHN Limited
    VIC Western Victoria / Western Victoria Primary Health Network Limited
    VIC Gippsland / Gippsland Health Network Limited
    WA Perth North /Country WA / Perth South / WA Primary Health Alliance

    Reports and articles featuring healthdirect Video Call

    Healthdirect Australia reports with Video Call case studies:

    Annual Report 2021-2022, pages 19 & 22
    Annual Report 2020-2021, pages 9 & 12
    Annual Report 2019-2020, page 9
    Annual Report 2017-2018, page 13
    Annual Report 2016-2017, pages 29 & 30
    Annual Report 2015-2016, pages 31 & 32
    Annual Report 2014-2015, pages 34 & 35
    Annual Report 2013-2014, page 23

    Other reports, articles and videos:

    19th September, 2023

    VVED diverting patients from emergency departments
    The Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED), operated by Northern Health, has provided more than 155,000 video consultations to patients since it launched in October 2020.
    Click here to read the article.
    11th July, 2023

    NSW building single digital front door to its health services with Healthdirect Australia. This will further integrate virtual care as an effective, accessible option for healthcare delivery across inpatient, outpatient, ED, and primary care settings

    Click here to read the article.
    14th June, 2023

    Pulse+IT article regarding further funding for two of ints innovative virtual care services to continue to ease the strain on Emergency Departments. The services are the Child and Adolescent Virtual Urgent Care Service (CAVUCS) and the adult SA Virtual Care Service (SAVCS).

    Click here to read the article.
    18th May, 2023

    Dr Loren Sher, Director of Victorian Virtual ED, taling on ABC TV about the Hololens AR technology and the benefits to the healthcare sector.
    Click here to watch the video.
    16th May, 2023

    The Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED) has facilitated more than 100,000 patient consultations since its inception two and a half years ago.

    The service is now helping homeless people along with the public, aged care residents, ambulance patients, people with disability and people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

    Click here to read the article.
    15th May, 2023

    Melbourne’s Northern Health has expanded its innovative Medical Community Virtual Consult (MCVC) service to GPs statewide after a successful launch last year, which has seen a reduction in the need for in-person referrals to specialists.
    Click here to read the article.
    3rd May, 2023

    This article details how telemonitoring reduced avoidable admissions for older people at home in the STAAR-SA trial. This trial was carried out in the Riverland Mallee Coorong region of South Australia, focussing on preventing avoidable hospital admissions and emergency department  presentations in elderly people living at home.
    Click here to read the article.
    28th April, 2023

    WA to combine virtual care pilots with statewide operations centre for WA virtual ED (WAVED).
    Click here to read the article.
    The SA Virtual Care Service (SAVCS) is improving access to healthcare across the state and responding to the needs of frontline workers by bringing emergency care to patients, that would normally only be available in an ED.  Click here to read the article and watch the video.
    12th August, 2022

    The Medical Republic article regarding Northern Health's virtual RD model easing pressure on a busy healthcare system.
    Click here to read the article.
    19th July, 2022

    Pulse+IT article regarding Northern Health expanding its Virtual ED service to Nursing Homes and Covid Care pathways.

    Click here to read the article
    18th July, 2022

    Medical Republic article regarding MBS rebates for longer phone consults and video consultations.
    Click here to read the article.
    14th June, 2022

    AWS case study featuring healthdirect Video Call. This article discusses facilitating secure virtual consultations with integrated clinical and video tools.
    Click here to read the case study
    7th June, 2022

    Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED) featured on Sunrise. This article and video explain how the service works, and the plans for future expansion.
    Click here to access the article and video.
    2nd June, 2022

    Pulse+IT article regarding Northern Health expanding its virtual emergency department initiative statewide across Victoria.
    May 2022

    Newsletter article outlining the update of healthdirect Video call by GPs and jurisdictions.
    26th April, 2022

    Pulse+IT article regarding Northern Health’sVirtual ED link up with Ambulance Victoria:

    Northern Health’s Virtual emergency department (ED) has added Ambulance Victoria to its triage service, allowing paramedics to use the Virtual ED service from a patient’s home and receive emergency medical advice and care.

    The Virtual ED and Ambulance Victoria partnership uses healthdirect Video Call for this triage service.
    20th April, 2022

    Pulse+IT article regarding Virtual ED for Ambulance Victoria in south-east Melbourne:
    Ambulance Victoria paramedics are now being given telehealth access to emergency department clinicians to help determine the most appropriate care for a patient in a partnership with Monash Health, Alfred Health and Peninsula Health.
    19th April, 2022

    Seven News Melbourne report regarding Northern Health's Virtual ED service.
    14th February, 2022

    The Child and Adolescent Virtual Urgent Care Service (CAVUCS) at the Women's and Children's hospital in South Australia is the joint winner of the Premier’s Excellence Award for Excellence in Service Delivery. The team use healthdirect Video Call to work collaboratively with SA Ambulance Service, Priority Care Centres, COVIDKids and specialist services to ensure children and adolescents get timely access to the right care.

    Click here to see the Healthdirect Australia Linkedin post regarding this announcement,
    23rd February, 2022

    Digital Health Institute Summit 2022: How Healthdirect integrated video for GP after hours. 
    Pulse+IT article regarding how Healthdirect Australia has integrated its Video Call service with its existing GP after hours helpline to provide an additional service for patients seeking help during the pandemic, with numbers increasing from about 70 video consultations per week to over 300 since its inception.

    Click here to read more
    18th March, 2021

    Partyline article for rural, regional and remote communities regarding how Northern Territory psychologist, Zoe Collins, uses healthdirect Video Call to consult with her clients.

    20th October, 2020

    Pulse+IT article regarding Healthdirect Australia integrating its Video Call telehealth service with the Commonwealth's Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) and the after hours GP helpline we run on behalf of the federal Department of Health.
    Click here to read the article.
    13th August, 2020

    Pulse+IT article regarding Austin Health using telehealth for the bulk of their specialist clinics.

    Click here to read the article.
    17th June, 2020

    Pulse+IT article regarding the Australian Department of Health funding free use of the healthdirect Video Call video consultation service for all GPs in a trail program, to help them transition to a new business model during and after the pandemic.
    Click here to read the article.
    23rd April, 2020

    Pulse+IT article regarding ACT rolling out Healthdirect Video Call for outpatients appointments.

    Click here to read the article.
    16th April, 2020

    Pulse+IT article regarding WA and ACT primary health networks supporting Video Call for practices in their catchments.

    Click here to read the article.
    The Age article regarding Healthdirect's new Video Call platform

    Pulse+IT article regarding the launch of Healthdirect's new Video Call platform melbourne-launches-young-onset-dementia-telehealth-service

    Royal Perth Hospital using Video Call to improve outcomes for chronic hepatitis C patients in WA prisons
    healthdirect Video Call freely available to GPs to support patients in drought affected areas

    Social networking platform posts featuring healthdirect Video Call

    June 2023

    LinkedIn post by Healthdirect Australia regarding the rapid adoption of video-based health consultations during the pandemic, which was supported with the expanded provision of government-funded healthdirect Video Call.

    Click here to see the LinkedIn post
    April, 2022

    Linkedin post by Healthdirect Australia about the combining of two of our virtual health services - Video Call and the after hours GP helpline.  

    Click here to see the post.
    May, 2022

    Linkedin post by Healthdirect Australia announcing the recently achieved Essential 8 compliance (Maturity Level 2) in recognition of meeting the ACSC's security standards. Essential 8 is a set of security controls which provide the fundamental strategies required to ensure Healthdirect Australia has all the correct cyber security protocols in place.

    Click here to see the post.
    Central and Eastern Sydney PHN YouTube video interview with Dr Amandeep Hansra - Telehealth expert and GP.

    Click here to watch the video.
    All Graduates Interpreting and Translating Service - YouTube video for interpreters using healthdirect Video Call.

    Reports and articles featuring telehealth  

    26th April, 2021
    Federal government to extend telehealth services until end of 2021 after service boomed during COVID pandemic
    The Age article featuring the fast growing area of Telehealth
    The Health Advocate - Impressive outcomes using Telehealth in aged care facilities (pages 34-35)
    The Royal Children’s Hospital Linkedin post - patient experience using telehealth
    Royal Melbourne Hospital launches young-onset dementia telehealth service
    Is telehealth finally starting to gain traction? Business Research and Insights

    Telehealth information, guides and processes

    Digital Health, Victoria Department of Health
    Virtual Care standard and guide for Victorian public health services.

    Click here to read the document.
    Information regarding telehealth from the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA).

    Click here to access the information.

    healthdirect Video Call involvement in research projects

    NT health and Menzies School of health Research are leading a new collaborative Digital Health CRC project to support Indigenous communities and bring care closer to home. Healthdirect Australia will use the project’s early findings to optimise culturally safe and appropriate service workflows that can be implemented, particularly in video-based consultations through our Video Call service. Click here to read more.
    Monash University researchers will lead a $2 million Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (DHCRC) project to enhance telehealth capabilities that aim to improve patient, clinician and caregiver experiences for mental health and palliative care services. The project will be led by Monash University’s Faculty of Information Technology (IT). Affiliates include Monash Health, researchers from the University of Melbourne, industry partners, Healthdirect Australia and the Department of Health (Victoria). Click here to read more.

    Video Call presentations

    25th August, 2022
    Video Call presented a webinar with PHNs from around the country regarding RACF workflows and implementation. We are working with some PHNs already regarding using Video Call in RACFs in their network and welcome any PHNs that would like to do a pilot to contact us.
    Click here to access the recording of the webinar - it is the first webinar recording near the top of the page.
    2nd August, 2022
    Video Call conference paper presented at the 16th Rural Health Conference in Brisbane. The theme for the conference was 

    Bridging social distance, rural health innovating & collaborating. This presentation is called Video Telehealth: Enabling the delivery of mental health care to rural communities

    Click hereto access the PowerPoint presentation
    GP20 conference exhibitor page for healthdirect Video Call. Delegates accessed this information during the conference in 2020 and it remains online for delegates to view and use as a valuable resource for primary health. Click here to access the Video Call exhibitor page for GP20

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