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    Video Call Savings Calculator

    What Video Call platform role do I need: Organisation administrator, clinic administrator, team member

    The Video Call Savings Calculator helps you determine how much you and your patients are saving by using Video Call for health consultations in your organisation. Once you enter your data and press Calculate, you will see a graphic representation of the results which is perfect for sharing with your team, PowerPoint presentations, reports etc. You can use reports from our platform to calculate the number of consultations conducted in your chosen date range, the number of meetings held, the number of active clinics in your organisation and the number of active clinicians conducting video calls. Other information such as average patient round trip and travel and accommodation costs will come from other sources in your organisation. 

    When you click on the calculator link, you will see the calculation fields you need to fill in and below these are the assumptions made and the calculation references for full transparency about how the results are determined. Simple mode includes assumptions that you can change by going to Full Mode and changing the default numbers in column 2.

    To use the calculator:

    1.  Select either Simple or Full mode
    2.  In Full Mode select the appropriate toggle switches and input your data
    3.  Click on 'Calculate'
    4.  A graphic file with your calculations appears
    5.  Click on Print at bottom left to print or save as a pdf file

    Calculate the savings your organisation or clinic makes using Video Call:

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