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    Create and delete clinics within an organisation

    What platform role do I need - Organisation Administrator

    An organisation can have one or many clinics associated with it depending on your organisation's needs. An Org Admin user can easily create, name, configure and delete clinics as required.

    How to create a new clinic:

    1. Click on My Organisations 
    2. Select the organisation in which clinics need to be added (if you are an Org Admin for more than one organisation)
    3. Click on Add clinic

    4. Name your new clinic - it is best practice to add a reference to your organisation in the name, e.g. acmehealthcardio. If the name of your clinic has already been taken in the video call platform, it will not let you create the clinic.

    Enter the email address of the team administrator for the clinic.
    You must have at least one admin per clinic - this can be you as the Org Admin for a small clinic which may only have one team member (clinician).

    Click Create to create the new clinic.

    5. Your new clinic will appear in your organisation view (Org Admins only).

    Click on the clinic to configure its settings.

    How to delete a clinic

    1. Click on My organisations on the left panel
    2. Click on the Organisation Name to select the organisation to view its clinics.
    Use the filter to search for an organisation from a list of several organisations that you may have.  
    3. You will see a list of all the clinics that belong to the organisation, showing callers waiting or being seen and the longest wait time for each clinic. 
    4. To delete a clinic, click on Delete next to the selected clinic and you will be prompted to enter the name of the clinic as a confirmation for deletion. Then press Delete this clinic

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