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    Adding a phone participant to a Video Call

    What Video Call platform role do I need: Team Member, Team Admin in a current call

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    You can add a phone participant to a video call using the Call a phone button in the Call Manager. This allows you to dial a phone number while in a video call and the phone participant will be added to the call. Example use cases would be to call an interpreter service and add an interpreter by phone or to call a specialist and add them by phone to the call.

    To add a phone participant to your current video call:

    Click on Call Manager at the bottom right of your call screen.
    Click on Call a phone, if enabled in your clinic.
    In the Add a phone participant dialogue box, type in the name of the person you are calling and either type in or dial their phone number. Then click on Dial.
    When the person you are calling answers, they will come into the video call as a voice-only participant. You will see their participant tile in the call with their initials and a phone icon. 
    As you can with any other Video Call, click on Participants in the Waiting Area Dashboard to view information about the participants in the call, including: 
    • camera
    • microphone
    • browser, and 
    • bandwidth information
    Please note: as shown in the picture to the right, you will see no available regarding connection quality or camera for the voice-only participant.

    You can also disconnect participants from the call here if required.

    Phone call participant
    In the event that you need to leave the voice participant in the call with any other participants but leave the call yourself, you can click on the Hang Up button and choose to Leave call. Only you will leave and the other participants will continue in the call.
    For example if you call a specialist on the phone and then leave the call once they are connected and you have provided any information they may need.

    Pressing End Call will end the call for all participants.

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