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    Creating a Short URL for your clinic

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    Create a Short URL for your clinic that is easy to share

    You can create a Short URL for your clinic that will be easy to remember and share with your patients. This URL will be shorter and therefore easier to manage when typing in to a browser etc. See below for how to create your Clinic's Short URL, but first let's look at the difference between your clinic's current URL and the Short URL - which will both provide access to your Clinic Waiting Area.

    The default URL for your clinic

    The Waiting Area URL for your clinic is the URL (web address) you give your patients so they can arrive in your clinic waiting area once they start a Video Call. This URL contains the name of your clinic and can be found on the right hand side of your Waiting Area Dashboard in the Video Call platform. 

    Waiting Area URL- this is the unique URL for the clinic’s waiting area. This is a direct link you can give to any patients or callers so they can start a video call and arrive in your waiting area.

    The default URL can be modified in the Clinic configuration section:

    Unique domain name
    When your clinic is created, the unique domain is the same as the name of your clinic. Changing the unique domain will change the URL of the clinic.

    In this example, the Unique Domain has been changed from acmecardiology to acmecardio.

    Once saved, the clinic URL will be updated and you will also see this change on the RHS of your dashboard page under Waiting Area URL.

    A Short URL is different to your clinic's Unique Domain

    You can easily create a Short URL by using this formula: domain name


    The short URL would be:

    Both of these URLs will take the patient to the Acme Cardiology clinic waiting area once they start a Video Call. The Short URL is a convenient way to share the clinic link for your waiting area.


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