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    Coming Soon to healthdirect Video Call

    Find out what is coming soon to Video Call - including added functionality and design updates

    Coming soon to healthdirect Video Call:

    Group Room enhancements

    We will soon be introducing further functionality enhancements to video calls in Group Rooms. Group Rooms were recently introduced to the Video Call service and allow up to 20 participants to join a call. These enhancements will include the capability for a host to 'mute all' in the call and will allow participants to raise their hand. Group Calls will then be added as an option in the Waiting Area when the enhancements have been made.

    Roles and permissions enhancements

    We will soon be introducing enhancements to the user roles and permissions in our Video Call service. This includes the introduction of new Organisation Coordinator and Reporter roles as outlined below:

    These two roles can be added at the Organisation level by and Organisation Admin or Co-ordinator.
    Organisation Coordinator
    This role will have less permissions that the Organisation Administrator role and will have access to Configure (org level), Reports and Apps.
    They will be able to access and run organisation and clinic reports, add and manage organisation members and team members, configure the organisation and create and delete clinics. 
    They will see a list of clinics under the organisation, but will not have access to the individual clinic waiting areas.

    The example to the right shows what an Organisation Coordinator will see when they sign in.

    Speaker Volume slider for all devices

    We previously implemented an in-call volume slider for iOS devices to fix low audio levels experienced by some users due to an issue with updates to iOS software versions. For more information regarding the volume slider on iOS devices, please click here.

    In addition, we will soon implement a volume slider for all computers and devices, available in the settings drawer during a video call. This volume slider will not increase the volume of the call by default (except for on iOS devices) but will be available if required. 

    This example shows the volume slider on an iOS device during a call.

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