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    Devolved Local Recording

    Test our devolved local recording option in your Video Call clinics

    If your organisation would like to enable local recording of healthdirect Video Call consultations, either video and audio or audio only recordings, this functionality is now available. Devolved local recording means that a digital recording of a consultation between a clinician and patient on the healthdirect Video Call platform has taken place and the file of the audio or video and audio is held or stored by the Organisation, not by Healthdirect. The recording is recorded live during the consultation and no digital copy of the recording is available on the platform post consultation.

    To request access to devolved local recording functionality, please contact the Video Call support team. 

    Before enabling the Devolved Local Recording application, your organisation must have read our Devolved Local Recording Guidelines and completed the Sign-Off Form

    Please see below the process for devolved local recording:

    Once a consultation has begun in a clinic that is devolved recording enabled, the clinician will see the REC button to the right of the Call Manager icon. Once this is clicked the recording drawer will open and the clinician can select the type of recording they would like. They may select either Video (which will include the audio stream) or Audio Recording.
    Once the recording option is selected, the clinician must then request consent from all other participants in the call. 

    The participants will see the recording consent request and must select "Yes" for the recording to proceed.
    Once consent is given, the clinician then presses the Start Recording button to begin the recording.

    The Clinician can now see that the recording is successfully in progress. 
    Upon completion of the consultation, the clinician needs to download the recording as the Video Call platform does not keep any digital footprint post consultations and recording will no longer be able to be retrieved.

    The downloaded file will contain either a visual consent confirmation image for Video Recordings, or an Audio Consent confirmation at the beginning of the file for audio recordings. 

    Estimated Consultation File Size
    Please note the below estimated file sizes for your consultations. With an average consult (20 mins) the file size is as follows:

    • Estimated Audio only file size: 15 MB.
    • Estimated Video file size: 100 MB.

    Changing Your Default File Save Location

    It is possible to change the default location for your web browser to save your downloaded consultation files. Please confer with your I.T. department on storage guidelines for your consultation files. These files should be saved in a safe and secure location or clinical system wherever possible. 

    Google Chrome
    Select the three dots menu and go to settings. Click the Advanced menu and select "Downloads".
    You may then click Change as shown below. This can be set to any local or network location to save your files.

    Microsoft Edge
    Select the three dots menu and go to settings. Click the "Downloads" Menu.
    You may then click Change as shown below. This can be set to any local or network location to save your files.

    Apple Safari
    Open Safari and click Safari > Preferences. Click the "General" tab. Next to File download location, click the drop-down box. This can be set to any local or network location to save your files.

    Mozilla Firefox
    Select the three lines menu and go to settings. Scroll down to "Files and Applications".
    You may then click Browse as shown below. This can be set to any local or network location to save your files.


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