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    Audio issues with Apple iOS 14.2

    December 17th, 2020

    We have identified audio issues for users who have iOS 14.2 installed on their devices. This is more noticeable on an iPhone compared to an iPad. iPhone users with version 14.2 will hear static at the beginning of a call, making audio very difficult to understand. This will clear itself after a short period of time and the call will proceed as normal. 

    If you are currently using iOS 14.2 please update as soon as possible to iOS 14.3 released 17/12/2020. This release has fixed the audio issue introduced with the 14.2 version.

    How to check the iOS version on your iPhone or iPad:

    • Go to your device 'Settings'
    • Scroll down to 'General'
    • Select 'About' and look next to 'Software Version' for your current version where you will see the current iOS version displayed

    Please contact videocallsupport@healthdirect.org.au for further questions or call our helpline on 1800 580 771. 

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