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    Add participants to your current Video Call

    What Video Call platform role do I need: Team member, Team Administrator, Organisation Administrator

    Why do I need to add additional participants into a Video Call?

    You may want to add a patient’s family member (who is at a different location to the patient), an interpreter, general practitioner or a patient’s carer into the current consultation. You can have a maximum of 5 participants in a single video call.

    There are two ways to add participants to a call: add a person to the call from the waiting area dashboard, or invite a participant into your current call using the Call Manager.

    Add a user from the waiting area:

    While in a Video Call you can add a waiting caller from your clinic’s waiting area by going to the waiting area dashboard (open in a separate browser tab). You will see that all other callers in the waiting area will have an Add button in their card once you are in a call. Locate the caller you want to add and click the Add button.

    A confirmation message will pop up letting you know who will be added to your current call. Clicking Add to Call in the confirmation box will bring the selected caller into your current Video Call. Return to the Video Call screen to continue the call.

    Invite a participant from inside a Video Call:

    1. While in a video call you can invite another participant directly into the video call. Click on Call Manager at the top right of your call screen.
    2. Click on the Invite Participant button in the call manager panel.
    3. You can invite a participant to join the call via email or via SMS. Tick either 'Send email invitation' or 'Send SMS invitation'.

    Add their name and contact details. Click on Invite to send the invitation.
    4. They will receive a link via email or SMS (based on your invitation method) that will bring them directly into your current video call.

    Watch the videos:

    Add a person to the call from the waiting area:

    Please note: The waiting Area has a new design from Sept 10th, 2021. The new look is different to that shown in the video below, however the workflow and functionality described remains the same. The video will be updated ASAP.

    Invite a new participant into the call:

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