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    What Video Call platform role do I need: Team Member, Team Admin or Organisation Admin

    Video Call Payment Gateway is an app that facilitates health service providers taking payments from a patient during a Video Call. To enable this functionality you will need to have the Payment Gateway app enabled in your clinic and will also need to set up an account with Stripe, which is the payment gateway used by our service. 

    Organisation and clinic administrators, please click here to access the request form to enable this app in your clinic/s. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.

    Please note: As per point 4 in the request form, the authorised telehealth manager for the Organisation must raise a service request ticket via the Healthdirect Jira service desk,, to enable Healthdirect Video Call Payment Gateway add-on capability for the Organisation’s clinics. 

    Once enabled, the clinic administrator can sign in to Video Call and link the clinic's Stripe account to the payment gateway app:

    Clinic administrator signs in and navigates to Configure > Client Payments.

    Next, click on Go To Stripe and add your Stripe account details. Please ensure you have created your Stripe account before requesting the app to be installed.

    The clinic admin can edit the Stripe account details or remove the account if required.

    Once configured, the Video Call payment gateway will be available for use during a Video Call with a patient. During the call the clinician can request a payment:

    Clinician clicks on Apps & Tools while in a Video Call
    Click on Request Payment in the available Tools

    The app will open for the clinician in the call and they enter the payment amount and payment description, then click Request payment
    Once payment is requested, the clinician will see this.
    The patient/client will now see that the payment is requested. They click on Pay now.
    Patient/client adds their email address to receive a receipt and credit card details and pays the requested amount.
    Patient sees a successful payment confirmation with payment details.
    They will also receive an emailed receipt to the email address they have entered.
    Once the payment is confirmed the Clinician is displayed a payment received message pop up.

    The Stripe dashboard will contain all records of payments received and also has reporting capabilities including analytics.

    Stripe dashboard

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