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    Signing in to Video Call

    What platform role do I need - Org Admin, Team Admin, Team member

    Service providers require an account to access Video Call. Please note that patients do not need an account as they should be sent a link to the required clinic waiting area with their appointment information.

    As a service provider or administrator in an organisation or clinic set up in Video Call, you will initially be sent an email invitation to create an account and join the required clinic/s in the platform. Once your Video Call account is created you will be able to set a password and sign in to start seeing your patients. If you have an administration role you will also be able to configure your clinic or organisation. 

    Please note: Video call uses the email address you are invited with to create your account. It is best practice to have your own Video Call account linked to your email address. This way you can have your name added to the account and when you are in a Video Call the other person can see who you are by looking at your name in your call screen window. Generic email addresses will not allow you to do this and if you need to reset the password it can only go to the email address linked to the account. If you use a generic account you will only be able to use it if no-one else is using it at the same time. Getting set up with your own account is easy and usually involves contacting your telehealth manager to request an account.

    Having issues signing in?:

    • I haven't received an invitation to create my account: 
      • Please contact your organisation's Telehealth manager and request access. 
    • I have tried to create my account but I can't sign in: 
      • Please ensure you are using either Google Chrome, Safari (on iOS devices) or the latest Microsoft Edge browser to create your account. If the link in your invitation email opens in another browser, please copy it into Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge.
      • If you aren't sure which browser you are using, type whatismybrowser into the search or URL field to go to  This will give you your current browser information.
      • Please ensure the password you are using has at least 13 characters. You don't need any numbers or special characters - but you can use them if you wish.
      • If you have received an invitation to create your account but are taken straight to the sign in page when you click on the invitation, please click on Reset your passwordSometimes adding many users to a clinic in one bulk upload creates your account without you initially setting up your password, so resetting allows you to create your own. Please see below for instructions.
    • I have logged in previously but now can't get access:
      • Please ensure you are using the email address and password you used to create your account. Some users have more than one email address so check your emails to see which one you are set up with.
      • You may need to do a password reset. Please ensure you are using Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge to reset your password.
    • Shortcuts for Video Call Sign In

    How to reset your password: go to the Video Call sign in page at and click on Reset Password. Alternatively you can use this link -

    • Type in your email address as requested and click on Send Reset Instructions - please ensure it is the same password your account has been created with.

    • You will see this message - make sure you use the email address your account was set up with and check your inbox for the reset instructions

    • Click on the 'Reset your password' button in the email you receive - if you do not receive an email you may be using the incorrect email address so please check with your Telehealth manager.


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