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    Keep up to date with the Video Call platform status and any current incidents

    This page will communicate live updates regarding current platform incidents that will provide more information for Video Call users. While an issue is being experienced you will see a yellow incident banner at the top of the Video Call service dashboard and/or call screen, depending on the type of issue and which aspect of the service is affected.

    During an incident the yellow banner text will inform users of the type of incident and will link to this page for relevant information. Please note: The banner will only be visible while an incident or issue is being experienced and will be removed once the issue is resolved.

    For current information about the Video Call service you can also check our Status Page

    15/12/2022 - 12.31 PM - Sharing resources in Apps & Tools

    We have identified an issue that is affecting guests (patients, clients and invited quests) from loading resources (such as 'share an image or PDF') in the Apps & Tools Menu in a Video Call. This does not impact the health service provider (host) view, which is working as expected. We have identified the issue and are implementing a fix tonight. We will post here when the fix in implemented.

    15/12/2022 - overnight - Sharing resources in Apps & Tools

    RESOLVED - A fix was implemented overnight to resolve this issue. Apps & Tools are working as expected.

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