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    Video Call QR Code generator for clinic links

    Generate a QR code for easy patient access to your clinic

    QR (Quick Response) Codes are an easy way to access websites and information and are becoming much more prevalent in our daily lives. All you need is a mobile device with a camera that can scan the code and you can access the information and links required. 

    Healthdirect Video Call now has a QR Code Generator so you can quickly and easily generate a QR code using your clinic link, and share with your patients/clients. This QR Code generator is safe and secure and no data is stored as the process is all performed by your web browser.

    The benefits of using a QR Code are

    • Easy access to the waiting area for patients on a mobile device
    • Saves patients/clients typing in a link if they receive their appointment information via letter
    • Provide an alternative way to access the clinic waiting area

    To create a QR code for your clinic, please copy and paste your clinic link into the QR Generator below, and then either

    • Right-click the QR Code image and select Copy Image - you can then paste into the information for the patient.
    • Download the image for use in a flyer etc, OR
    • Print QR Code if required

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