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    New in this release

    Updated 24th September, 2021

    New in this release

    Released this year in 2021

    New features released this year

    • Improved room information in reports
    • Updated Important information page view to align with the rest of the improved user journey workflow
    • Added Clinic tagging reporting capability
    • Introduced new look waiting area dashboard
    • Improved compatibility for phone numbers on patient entry
    • Fixed overlapping text in waiting area dashboard
    • Completed patient user journey with new "continue" to accept listed policies.
    • Resolved issue with desktop alerts not being set correctly
    • Fixed Grid View to correctly display
    • Updated emails received for Organisation with SSO disabled
    • Fixed the ability to send multiple SMS invites from the invitation modal

    Read more about the new look waiting area dashboard 
    • Improved accessibility display of patient user journey
    • Pre-call test improvement to allow users with high latency to pass the network connectivity tests
    • Further SSO improvements for login processes
    • Added End Call confirmation modal to be able to disconnect calls from the waiting area dashboard
    • Reporting cards now load individually to improve performance for platform level reports
    • Improved reporting UI for date selection and reporting cards
    • Added meeting room/user room report to clinic level reporting
    • Updated patient journey to include new allow animation gif
    • Added new modal to display report downloading progress
    Read more about the waiting area dashboard
    • Updated precall test to properly show the resource centre links on failures
    • Request Camera tool no longer flips camera feed
    • Patient entry flow updated designs of buttons
    • Updated SSO behaviour for domains who have switched SSO off temporarily
    • Introduced fix to stop users from changing their email address to an invalid email
    • Updated wording of Consultations report to be "Waiting Area Consultations"
    • Added new confirmation modal for Joining a Call (configurable by clinic)
    • Introduced more user friendly precall test experience for users.
    • Included meeting room data in Organisation level report
    • Updated clinic tagging configuration to display in clinic setting
    • Improvement to switching camera stream on iPad
    • Fix to properly detect Microsoft Edge version in the precall test
    • Updated precall test to properly show the resource centre links on failures
    • Added additional configuration field for SSO

    Read more about reports.
    • Created new report to capture user room and meeting room activity. 
    • Added support for Microsoft Edge on Android devices
    • Enabled screen sharing for Safari on macOS devices for Microsoft Edge and Firefox
    • Updated Microsoft Edge logo on call entry page
    • Changed default options to have user rooms disabled when adding a new user to a clinic
    Read more about compatible web browsers.
    Read more about reports.
    • Added support for additional web browsers on iOS 14.3+ devices
    • Removed the disable live updates option from the my clinics page to ensure everyone is seeing live updates
    • Improved screen share stream negotiation to ensure that users no longer receive the "no stream is available" message
    • Increased font size to 16px across the platform for improved accessibility
    Read more about compatible web browsers
    • Added feature to quickly enable a microphone or camera on a mobile device when interrupted by a phone call
    • Clinic list on the waiting area dashboard is now displayed in alphabetical order

    • Fixed issue with drop down menu failing to close in some situations
    • Updated Users reporting card to be more appropriately named as "Service Providers Summary" and updated wording inside the report
    • Fixed issue with allowing 0429 mobile prefix to be sent sms invitations
    • Enabled screen sharing for Safari on macOS devices (to chrome) 
    • Added feature to quickly enable a microphone or camera on a mobile device when interrupted by a phone call
    • Fixed transcoding of video files for playback
    Read more about running Organisation reports.
    Read more about Video Call Tools, including share screen.
    • Added ability to email reports that are shorter than a 2 month period
    • Added help tip for changing password to ensure 13 character password complexity was met
    • Added popup help tip for new callers in a meeting room
    • Update to my clinics page to ensure better refresh times and accuracy of information
    Read more about running Organisation reports.
    Read more about Meeting Rooms.
    Read more about My Clinics.  
    • Ezispeak on demand interpreters Add-on available for testing
    • Change to behaviour when transferring users back to "the waiting room" when using meeting rooms (so they are waiting for access back into the meeting room). 

    Read more about connecting with an Ezispeak interpreter.
    Read more about Meeting Rooms.

    Released in 2020

    New features released during the year 2020

    • Improved technical issue notification yellow banner 
    • Added ability to be able to run reports for longer than a 2 month period
    Read more about technical issue notifications
    Read more about running Organisation reports
    • Added ability to set tools and add ons to view only mode for patients
    • Callers who enter without completing details now show as "Anonymous user"
    • Added display of waiting users to meeting rooms
    • SSO Available for testing on UAT
    • Added Video call via Satellite page to Resource Centre
    • Added additional languages for patient information leaflet
    • Added Do's and Don'ts page to the resource centre
    Read more about Single Sign on.
    Read more about Video Call via Satellite

    Read more about Patient Information Leaflets.
    Read more about the Do's and Don'ts
    • Achieved HIPAA compliance
    • UI change for login page in preparation for Single Sign On
    • Added check to ensure that a clinic unique domain cannot be created if it exists as a shorturl.
    • Fixed email invitation/password reset links to be directed properly to
    • Sharing audio via screen share
    • Added ability to set default behaviour for taking a photo as a guest when entering a meeting room.
    Read more about HIPAA compliance.

    Read more about Single Sign on.

    Read more about sharing audio via screen share.

    Read more about the photo options for joining a call.  
    • Sharing Waiting Area URL via SMS and email
    • Fixed short URL links going to vcc2 to correctly go to
    • Microphone only goes to your default mic in Chrome, Edge and Safari during a Video Call.
    • My clinics page not properly updating with large amount of clinics
    • Show warning message to iOS users to not navigate away from the screen when in the waiting area queue
    • Lock/Unlock video call session functionality
    • Youtube Sharing Add-On
    • Introduced security check for devices who have been disconnected from the server for longer than 2 minutes to not automatically rejoin calls.
    • Added page on how to add live captioning to the Resource Centre
    • Added page on using a Virtual background to the resource centre
    Read more about Sharing a waiting area URL.

    Read more about the Lock/Unlock functionality.

    Learn more about the Youtube video Add-on.

    Read more about Live Captioning.

    Read more about Virtual Backgrounds.
    • SMS notification processing now validates a mobile number - meaning if incorrect number of digits entered, it will flag to the user to correct to continue
    • Reporting improvements: Consultation reports will now accurately reflect call duration. Summaries (the cards) within reports will now accurately reflect call activity for the date range selected.
    • The sign in page has been updated with a link ‘Need an account?’ which will link to a directory of telehealth contacts at each health service. ‘Need help?’ will link to a page with tips on how to sign in
    • Added page on Interpreter workflows to the Resource Centre
    View the Need an Account page to see the changes or the Need Help page to see the resource centre updates.

    Read more about Interpreter workflows.
    • Number of people in a meeting room. You can now see if a meeting room in your clinic is currently occupied and how many people are in the room. The number appears next to the meeting room name in the Enter button. This allows you to know if there is already a meeting in progress - if there is no-one in the room the number will show as 0.
    • Music Playlist updated and does not link to music provider page
    • Video Call optimisation for low powered CPU devices on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium browsers
    • Added ability to put a delay on Email Waiting Area notifications
    • Fixed Inviting a user to multiple clinics before account has been created behaviours
    • Added leaflets for patients and clinicians on how to optimise for video call
    • Added planning document for implementing Video Call

    Read more about our patient and clinician leaflets
    • A new advanced option for toggling Noise Suppression has been introduced under Device Settings.
    • Access the patient information leaflet in other languages (with thanks to All Graduates interpreting services)
    • Added a page to the resource centre for creating short URLs
    • New video showing the patient experience getting into Video call
    • Created Low bandwidth troubleshooting page for the Resource Centre
    • Updated the support and advice page in the Resource Centre
    • Added page on saving passwords in browser 
    Read more about Noise Suppression.

    Read more about Short URLs.

    Read more about Low Bandwidth troubleshooting.

    Read more about Support Contacts.

    Read more about saving passwords 
    • Availability of Reporting at Clinic Level
    • Camera switch shortcut if service provider has more than one camera available to use
    • Bandwidth data returned to Organisation level reports
    • Refresh and hang-up buttons not appearing on some iPhone devices (e.g. iPhone 6s). Refresh and hang-up buttons are now visible
    • Resolving issues with precall tests on some iOS devices (e.g. iPad Pro) related to detecting microphone and camera
    • Improvement of Audio and video connection on iOS devices
    • Notification to prevent users trying to open more than one tab for the same video call session
    • Meeting room participants can now be transferred to other meeting rooms.
    • Added starter guide and webinars to the resource centre.

    Read more about reporting.

    Read more about Webinars
    • Moved Video Call platform to it's own separate and managed instances. 
    • Microsoft Edge Chromium is listed as a supported browser in the Pre-Call Test results. 
    • iOS devices can successfully complete the connection test when attempting to enter a call on a waiting area with permissive settings turned on.
    • Admin users will now be able to change to a new default timezone at the Organisation-level, under the Organisation Configure menu. This default setting will be adopted by all new clinics created under that Organisation.

    Note: This only applies to new clinics created. Existing clinics will retain their clinic level settings. 

    Read more on using Video Call on Microsoft Edge.

    Read more about how to set the timezone at an organisation level here:
    • New clinics created are now available in the transfer list
    • Update the message displayed on
    • Add outage notification mechanism for call, team, platform, waiting area and sign-in. This is for notification of ongoing issues while the platform is available
    • Fix Waiting area transfer from dashboard
    • Add detection of support for new Microsoft Edge Browser
    Read more about outage notifications.

    Read more about Microsoft Edge
    • On Hold Self View 
    • New Update Parameters button for reports
    • iPAD participants information displaying accurately
    • Fix precall configuration under platform relative URLs
    • Fixed clinic dashboard updating slowly for a larger number of clinics
    • Update reporting interface to add a button when changing report parameters to apply and re-run the reports
    • Prevent mobile devices sleeping while in an empty room by providing a porthole video (or muted audio) element that plays in the hold screen
    Read more about the updating parameters for reports here:
    • In January 2020, Microsoft released its new Edge web browser, Microsoft Edge Version 79, based on the Chromium open-source project. This new browser is now available for download and supports healthdirect Video Call. Microsoft will be pushing out the updated Edge browser over the coming weeks.
    • Check clinic subdomain when creating a new clinic and report errors appropriately
    • Introduced ability to remove post call survey form link
    • Extend expiry count time on notifications
    • Enable the Cancel button to work on the Important Information page
    • Add waiting area status column, and enabled waiting area total to Waiting Area report 
    • Correctly show the state of the participant audio/video tracks in the participants modal 
    Read more about the new Microsoft Edge browser here:

    September 2019 - December 2019 

    New features released in the year 2019 after the transition to the new platform. 

    Waiting area dashboard includes a ‘refresh spinning icon’ before callers appear on the waiting area dashboard Read more about the refresh spinning icon here:

    Device and bandwidth information for all participants in a video call, visible on the waiting area dashboard
    Read more about device and bandwidth information here:
    Call Quality configuration: configure Video Call to automatically check callers' connectivity as they enter your clinic and apply a video quality preset if you are having any issues with devices or bandwidth affecting the calls in your clinic. Read more about configuring Call Quality here:
    Transfer Calls: from one waiting area to another waiting area without joining the call (cold transfer). Read more about transfer here:
    Email and Desktop alerts: You can receive alerts on your desktop and via email (in addition to SMS alerts) when callers are waiting in your clinic waiting area. Read more about Waiting area alerts here:
    Tools: You have a range of tools in addition to screenshare that you can use in a Video Call with your patient. Read more about how to use tools in a Video Call here:
    Screen-share: You no longer need to install a screen-share extension, it is supported natively in Google Chrome.

    Please ensure you are on the latest version of Google Chrome. 

    Check what version of browser you are using here:

    Firefox: You can use Video Call on Mozilla Firefox, Version 68+ for Windows and Android. Check what version of browser you are using here:
    Waiting Area Hours: You can now set your Waiting Area hours to include breaks that your clinic may have on any particular day/s. Read more about how to set Waiting Area hours here:
    Call interface Customisation: Customise the call interface for your organisation and clinic. Read more about customising your call interface here:
    Orientation screens for the new video call platform. On first sign in to your clinic an orientation screen will pop up to help guide you though the basics of seeing your patient. You will only see this screen once.
    Bandwidth visual indicators: Traffic Light indicators during a call show call connection speeds. Read more about this feature here:

    Configurable Parameters for patient entry fields
    Configure what information you require or request from your patients in their entry screen before the call starts.
    Short-cut for switching camera: Use ALT-N to switch camera within a call.
    Read more about camera settings here:
    Call control - mute other participant's speaker during a call. Read more about call controls here:
    Call window language options when in a video call. Read more about language options here:
    Enable/disable desktop notifications in the My Clinics page. Enables desktop notifications for all your clinics with one click. Read more about enabling desktop notifications for all your clinics here:

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