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    Patient entry points and website buttons

    May 7th, 2020

    Designing how patients navigate to the waiting area is key to your online service. Think about how patients physically attend your clinic and decide how to make it easiest for them to join your online waiting area. 

    There are various ways to navigate patients to your waiting area.

    1. Use a clinic-specific button on your webpage

    The Start video call entry button immediately directs consumers to a specific Waiting Area.
    Example: Acme Demo Clinic

    Read about how to put the Clinic Start Video Call button on your website




    2. Use an organisation-level button on your webpage: multiple waiting areas to be selected from a drop-down list

    Patients are presented with a list of Waiting Areas to choose from.
    Example: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

    Read about how to put the organisation-level button on your webpage 


    3.  Triage workflow: Transfer patients into a non-public (hidden) Waiting Area          

    This workflow enables the receptionist or coordinator greeting the patients and confirming their appointment prior to directing them to the clinic. This is ideal for large tertiary hospitals replicating their triage workflow using Video Call.

    In this case, several Clinic Waiting Areas can be hidden from patients. 

    Example: St. Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

    Read about how to put the Clinic Start Video Call button on your website             

    4. Use multiple 'Start Video Call' buttons on your website 

    In a large tertiary hospital, patients follow signage or directions to arrive at the correct clinic Waiting Area. Similarly, using various clinic buttons on your health website is a way to navigate patients to the correct waiting area.
    Example: Barwon Health, Victoria 

    Read about how to put the Clinic Start Video Call button on your website

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