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    Organisational structure within Video Call

    Who this page is for - Organisation Administrators and Team Administrates in the Video Call platform

    This page explains how the different units in Video Call - Waiting Areas, Meeting Rooms, Clinics and Organisations - work, how they are defined, and how they relate to one another.

    Example of how an Organisations, a Clinic, Waiting Areas and Meeting Rooms work 

    Example of what the Video Call platform structure can look like within a hospital setting, with a number of Clinics. Each Clinic has a tailored selection of Waiting Areas and Meeting Rooms.

    • Waiting Area - the private virtual space where a patient waits for a consultation to begin with their provider. A Waiting Area is set up by an Administrator, and grouped under an Organisation.
    • Meeting Room - a permanent video room that signed-in providers can use to interact with one another. Providers are granted access to Meeting Rooms by Administrators. Meeting Rooms (along with a single Waiting Area) are grouped under Organisations.
    • Clinic - made up of a single Waiting Area and/or Meeting Room(s). There may be one or more Clinics grouped together under an Organisation. A Clinic might be a department, a specialist area (eg, renal, physio), or an administrative unit (eg Meeting Rooms 2-10). 

    It is important to note that there can be only 1 Waiting Area per clinic.

    • Organisation - an administrative unit made up of a Clinic, or a group of Clinics. A hospital or medical centre might be represented by an Organisation, which may be may be grouped together so that they can be accessed from one point in Video Call.  

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