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    Conduct a pre-call test

    What Video Call platform role do I need: All callers and signed-in users

    When using Video Call for the first time, or if there are changes to your device or network, you can conduct a quick precall test to ensure a successful Video Call. This test includes checking your local device setup such as your camera, microphone, browser and speakers as well as testing your internet bandwidth and connectivity to Video Call servers.

    Please click on a heading below to see detailed information and instructions.

    Accessing the Pre-call Test

    The pre-call test can be accessed from:

    For users signed into the Video Call platform The Test Call button can be accessed from the Waiting Area Settings panel on the right of the Waiting Area dashboard.

    For callers and guests  The Precall Test link can be accessed from the Video Call Setup page prior to clicking the Start Video Call button.

    This is the page callers arrive in once they click on the clinic link provided to them with their appointment information.

    Running the Pre-call Test - what to expect

    The Video Call test will run 6 checks: 

    • Camera
    • Microphone
    • Connection
    • Network
    • Bandwidth
    • Network Latency

    Click Start Test to begin the test.

    The entire test should take you less than 1 minute.

    You will see a progress bar of the test in progress.
    You may be asked if Healthdirect can use your microphone and camera, please click Allow to proceed.

    The Pre-call Test results

    Once the test is complete your result will let you know if there are any issues with your device's equipment or network ability to successfully conduct a video call.
    If there are no issues you will see this result.

    If there are any issues with your equipment or internet connection detected, you will see the information on your screen.

    If your internet quality or bandwidth speed is poor you will see the screen shown in the example to the right, which includes a link to our help page for this issue.

    If you have issues stopping you from making a call you will see the issues outlined on your screen, as well as links to information regarding how to fix the particular issue. Please see the examples to the right.

    These issues include:

    • Microphone detection and functionality
    • Camera detection and functionality
    • Connection issues - either connecting to our service or to other participants

    Please note: you will only see information regarding any potential issues if they apply to your device or connection. For example, if there is an issue detecting your microphone only, that is the only support section you will see.

    What do I do if one of my tests fails? 

    If the test results indicate issues with your current setup, see the topic Troubleshoot Video Call pre-call test

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