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    Training information for Team Members

    Training information and links for health service providers who are set up as Team Members in their clinic

    When you are invited to join your first Video Call clinic as a team member, you create your account and then sign in to your Video Call clinic/s  The service is simple and intuitive to use and it is helpful to take a short time to get familiar with the way it works, so you and your patients/clients get the most out of your Video Call consultations.

    The sections and links below will step you through what you need to know before you start using the Video Call service - and once you are familiear with the basics. You can view this information in order or skip through to the information you require, depending on your training needs.

    The basics:

    What do I need to make or join a Video Call?

    Before using Video Call, you check this section to find the simple things you need to participate in a call. Video Call is accessed wholly on the web, so you don't need to download any software or applications.


    How to sign in and join a patient/client in a Video Call

    Once your account is created, it is simple to sign in and access your clinic waiting area. From there you can join any waiting patients that have an appointment with you. View the following 5 minute video to see how to sign in, send the clinic link to required patients/clients, join a call and add other participants to the call (if required), share your screen and other resources.

    If you still have questions regarding joining calls with patients/clients, click here for more information.


    Sharing the clinic link to invite patients/clients to the clinic waiting area

    You can continue to use your current clinic booking processes, including the way you send out the appointment information. With the information, you need to include your clinic link, which the invited person clicks on to add their details and arrive in your virtual clinic waiting area.



    Optional functionality to enhance the Video Call experience:

    Sharing Apps & Tools in your Video Call

    Once you have joined a patient or client in a Video Call, you can share resources into the call to enhance the consultation experience. You can share resources including your screen, images and PDF files, virtual whiteboards and videos. Once shared, the selected resource can be seen by all participants in the call and you are able to annotate over and interact with resources, as required. You can also choose whether patients and other guests can share resources with you and whether they can annotate over and interact with resources shared by others in the call.


    Using the Call Manager: inviting, muting and pinning participants (plus lots more)

    You can use the Call Manager to perform various functions regarding participants in the call. Only Video Call account holders (hosts) have the Call Manager icon in their call screen, patients and other guests who use the clinic link do not have access to this functionality.

    Click here for in-depth information about all aspects of the Call Manager.

    In the Call Manager you will see the call duration, any Waiting or On-Hold participants, Current Participants in the call and under Call Actions you will see Invite Participant and Transfer Call.


    Please click here for more information about all aspects of the Call Manager.


    Add a participant to your Video Call

    When you join a call with a patient/client, you can easily add others to the call. You can invite a participant directly into the call using the Call Manager, or you can navigate back to the clinic waiting area and add a waiting caller to you current call. You can find detailed information regarding both of these options here.

    Watch the video:


    You can have up to six participants in a standard Video Call and up to twenty in a Group Video Call. 


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