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    Let your patients know how and where to attend their consultation and provide them with customisable resources.

    How do I let my patients know where to attend their consultation?

    There are several ways you can provide your patients with the information they will need to attend their consultation. You can send this information via email, SMS or other messaging platform following your usual appointment booking processes.

    Give your patients your organisation or clinic website with the Start Video Call button embedded.

    This button can be set up by your IT department. Go to Configure The Clinic Waiting Area for details.

    Please note: if you have more than one clinic in your organisation please let your patient know which one they need to attend. Some organisations have drop down menus with clinic names that the patient can choose from, so they will need to know how to get to the correct Waiting Area. You can add these instructions to the patient appointment information you send to them.

    If your website is not yet ready, give your patients the Waiting Area URL, found under Clinic Settings in your Waiting Area dashboard page.
    Click on Copy to allow for easy copying and pasting into an email message or other communication.

    Resources for your patients

    These leaflets can be emailed to your patients ahead of a Video Call consultation. 

    1. Customisable patient information leaflet

    This leaflet can be customised so that your organisation/clinic's name appears at the top of the page. You can copy and paste the Waiting Area URL* in the 'Where do I go to attend my appointment' box so they have the link to start their Video Call at the time of their appointment. This leaflet also gives patients an overview of how Video Call works. 

    Please note: When you paste in the Waiting Area URL this will be text only and not a clickable link, so let your patients know they need to copy and paste this into their web browser. If you want the link to be clickable you need to edit the pdf file in an application that allows full editing capability, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

    2. How to attend a consultation for patients

    This guide provides an overview of the steps your patients need to follow to start a Video Call and attend their consultation.

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