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    Clinic Waiting Area in call on-hold function

    Place participants on hold temporarily during a call

    When in a consultation with multiple participants you can put one or more participants on hold temporarily in the call. For example, you may be in a call with two other participants and would like to speak with one of them privately. You can put a participant on hold in the call and even though they are still part of the same Video Call they cannot see or hear other participants until you accept them back into the call. You can do this multiple times during a call, if desired.

    Please note: this in call on hold functionality does not show participants as on hold in the waiting area but shows them inside your Call Manager as on hold within your current call. If you wish to put participants on hold in the waiting area where their status will show as On Hold you simply press the red hang-up button when in a call with only one other participant and select Leave Call.

    To use the on hold function within the Call Manager of a current call that you joined in the Waiting Area and added other participants to:

    Join a call with a patient/client and then add additional participants to the call as required.
    In the call screen, open the Call Manager using the icon at the bottom right of the call screen.
    All participants in the call with have both an On-Hold and Disconnect button.

    To put a participant on hold within your call, click on the On-Hold button.
    The participant is put on hold temporarily in the call so you can speak with other participant/s confidentially. They remain available in the call but cannot see or hear any participants. They see the waiting screen while on hold within a call, as shown to the right.
    A confirmation screen will appear. Click Confirm Hold to put the participant on Hold in the call.
    You will see the on-hold participant separated from the other current participants in the call. They will have an Accept and Deny button in their window. Accept will accept them back into the call so they can see and hear other participants. Deny will disconnect them from the call but they will have a link showing in their screen to rejoin the call, if required. 
    If you hear an alert reminding you that someone is on hold, you can click on Busy? Mute this caller until you're ready to mute the reminder sound.

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