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    Add and manage organisation administrators, coordinators and reporters

    What Platform role do I need to do this - Organisation Administrator (Org Admin)

    Add new Organisation Administrators (Org Admin), Organisation Coordinators (Org Coordinators) and Organisation Reporters (Org Reporter) for your organisation and manage their roles and permissions.

    Organisation Admins have a high level of admin permissions for the organisation and the clinics under the organisations and have permission to:

    • Add and manage other Org Admins, Org Coordinators and Org Reporters
    • Configure the organisation
    • Configure clinics under the organisation
    • Add and manage team members in the clinics under the organisation
    • Run organisation and clinic reports
    • Access clinic waiting areas

    Organisation Coordinators can configure clinics and organisations they are a member of, including user management and creation of new clinics. They are also able to run reports and join calls. They have permission to:

    • Invite and remove Organisation Coordinators and Organisation Reporters
    • Configure an organisation's call interface (filters down to all clinics)
    • Configure and run organisation reports
    • Create new clinics
    • Configure at the clinic level
    • Run clinic reports
    • View the list of clinics for the organisation

    Organisation Reporters has access to configuration of reporting parameters and running reports but will not be able to access clinics and join calls. This role adds another level of administrative access to the Video Call platform. They have permission to:

    • Configure organisation reports
    • Run organisation reports
    • View a list of clinics under the organisation (but cannot access the clinics)

    Adding Org Admins, Org Coordinators and Org Reporters

    1. When you sign in, you will arrive at the My Clinics page if you have access to more than one clinic. To add and manage admin, coordinator and reporter users for your organisation, go to My Organisations in the left menu. 

    2. You will see the Organisations you are able to administer listed. Click on the Organisation you would like to administer. In the below example the user is an admin of one organisation only so selects Acme Health Demo.

    3. You will see the clinic/s associated with the selected Organisation. Click on Organisation Admins in the left menu.

    4. This will bring you to view all active and pending Admin users for your organisation (Org Admins/Org Coordinators/Org Reporters). To add another Admin user to the organisation, click on the Invite User button.

    5.Click on the Role dropdown (the default role is Admin, which will give the invited user Organisation Admin access) and select the desired role for the user. 

    6. The invited Org Admin/Coordinator/Reporter will receive an email:

    • If they already have a Video Call account they will receive an email notification and will be added to the organisation role instantly.
    • If they do not have a Video Call account they will receive an email with a link to create an account. They will sit under Pending Invitations until they set up their account.

    Deleting Organisation Administrators, Coordinators and Reporters

    1. Remove an Org Admin/Coordinator/Reporter user by clicking Remove to the right of their name. You will be prompted to confirm this action. This will remove the user’s access to the Organisation.

    2. If required, Resend or Delete not-yet-accepted Admin invitations in the Pending Invitations section at the bottom of the page. Please note that you cannot use the resend option once an invitation has expired but you can invite the user again and delete their expired invitation.

    3. You will be prompted to confirm when deleting a pending invitation:

    Pending invitations will automatically expire after one month and once expired the user will need to be re-invited if they still require access to the organisation.

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