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    Configure the clinic waiting area

    What Video Call platform role do I need: Organisation Administrator, Team Administrator

    This page covers you how to configure the following elements of your clinic:

    • General configuration
    • Share waiting area
    • Waiting area hours
    • Support information for callers
    • Patient entry fields
    • Automated messages
    • Call locks
    • Short URL

    Accessing the waiting area configuration

    Click on Configure - Waiting Area from the Clinic Dashboard

    Detailed steps to configure your clinic waiting area:

    1. Select the clinic you want to configure.

    2. Click on the Configure button in the left panel of the Waiting Area. 
    3. Click on the Waiting Area tab.
    Within this section, you can manage and edit features of the waiting area. You can enable and disable your clinic waiting area with the Enable Waiting Area toggle. By default your waiting area is enabled when it is created.
    Within the following sections you must click the button to apply any changes.

    General configuration

    Make sure your waiting area is enabled so callers can start a video call and be joined by their health service provider.

    The Waiting Area Consultation Name and Specialty for Waiting Area can be left blank as this information is now in the Reporting Configuration tab.

    Enable Confirm Call Entry - if enabled using the toggle switch, when a service provider clicks on Join with a caller in the waiting area a pop-up confirmation box will appear, showing who they are about to join the call with. This adds an extra layer of privacy by reducing the chance of calls being joined in error from the waiting area.
    Please note the default setting for this confirmation is 'off'.

    Display Current Queue Position 
    If enabled using the toggle switch, waiting callers will be informed of their position in the waiting queue. Please note: this works best for on demand clinics rather than for clinics using scheduled appointments as it orders the queue based on the time people arrive in the waiting area.
    Please note the default setting for this function is 'off'.

    Enable Guest Notification Messages
    If enabled using the toggle switch, patients will be able to send messages to the clinic while they are waiting. Read more about this two way messaging on this page.

    Check the timezone for the clinic is set correctly and change using the dropdown list if required. The waiting area for each clinic can be set differently to the Organisation Default Timezone, if desired. This can be useful where an organisation has clinics in more than one state.

    If your waiting area is disabled, you can change the message callers will see if they attempt to start a call in your clinic.

    You can also add a Waiting Area Out Of Hours message to give your patients/clients more information and/or alternative contact details for when the clinic is closed. This is optional and if not configured callers will simply see when the clinic will reopen.

    Please remember to click Save if you make any changes.

    Share waiting area/ start Video Call button for clinics

    Click on Share waiting area to see options for sharing with patients so that they can start a call and arrive in your clinic: YOu can see the options in the screenshot below: Share using link, Launch using a button and Embed into a page. 

    Detailed description of each of these options:

    Share using link

    Copy the link to send to your patients (usually it is easier to do this from the Waiting Area dashboard).

    Launch using a button

    Place a button on your web-page that patients can click on to start a video call in a new window. You can customise the text and colour of the button before copying the code. Please contact your website administrator if you need assistance with this process.

    Click Save to apply any changes.


    Embed into a page

    Use the provided embed code on your web page that directly opens a Video Call consultation without leaving your web page. You can customise the dimensions of the video call frame by adjusting the width and height. Please contact your website administrator if you need assistance with this process.

    Click Save to apply any changes.


    Waiting area hours 

    You can manage and edit features in your Waiting Area to suit your clinic requirements.

    Set the hours of operation for the clinic waiting area. Click the Add break button to include breaks in the daily schedule. The break details show below the selected day.

    Click Save to apply any changes.

    Supporting information for callers 

    Add a Custom URL. This will take callers to a page on your website where they can access the Start Video Call button for their appointment. It will be the link you send to patients and will become your Waiting Area URL in the Waiting Area Dashboard (if a Custom URL is configured it replaces the normal Waiting Area URL that you send to patients). See above for how to add a button on your website.

    Add or edit a Support Message with information for callers about how to contact your support team if they are having any issues. This message will be shown to callers while they are waiting to be seen.
    You can add links to your clinic-specific Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Help.
    Click Save to save any changes.

    Example of an organisation Video Call website page
    The links you configure in the Supporting Information section will show on these pages when a patient/client clicks to start a Video Call.

    Patient entry fields 

    Patient entry fields configure the information patients/clients provide when they start a video call and fill in the requested details. First and Last name are permanent fields in all clinics so do not come up as options in the configuration section for Patient Entry Fields, because all clinics need this information for health service providers to know who to join in a video call. Please note that if you would like to make the Patient Last Name a required field, navigate to the Joining A Call tab and enable Make last name mandatory (this configuration option also applies to guests coming into a meeting room).

    Phone number is a default field in all clinics but clinic administrators can choose to make this field mandatory or optional and can also delete it, if required.

    Clinic administrators can add fields for information you would like your incoming callers to provide before they are seen, for example their Medicare number or Date Of Birth.

    Click on Add Field to add a new field, then click on the name of that field to edit the details.

    There is the option to make entry fields a text input, number input or checkbox field, depending on your requirements.

    If you enable a field as a Required field it must be filled in by the patient/client before they can proceed to the waiting area. If not required, the field is optional and does not have to be provided.

    If you enable Visible by default, this field will show as a column in the waiting area by default. Please note: Individual account holders can then edit this default setting to select their own default columns in the waiting area, if desired.

    When you have added extra patient fields, you can see the information provided by the patient in the various columns in their caller information in the Clinic Waiting Area.

    You can also click on the three dots to the right of the caller and select Activity to see all the patient entry fields.

    Automated messages for callers

    Add and edit automated messages sent to callers in the clinic waiting area and set timings for when the messages are sent.
    You can send automated messages to waiting and on-hold callers, with both being separately configurable. This means you can configure automated messages for waiting callers and a different set of automated messages for on-hold callers.
    To add a message for callers with Waiting status, click on Add Message under When call status is "waiting" and then click on the msg you have just created. Add the text and the delay time in seconds (eg if 300 seconds your msg will appear for the caller when they have been waiting for 5 minutes). 
    For example, this could include information regarding the clinic or a message saying 'your doctor will be with you shortly'.

    Add, edit and delete messages to suit your clinic needs and remember to click Save when you make any changes.
    To add a message for callers with On Hold status, click on Add Message under When call status is "on-hold" and then click on the msg you have just created. Add the text and the delay time in seconds (eg if 300 seconds your msg will appear for the caller when they have been waiting for 5 minutes).

    Add, edit and delete messages to suit your clinic needs and remember to click Save when you make any changes.

    Call locks

    For added privacy and security you are able to lock the call screen after joining your patient in a Video Call. The lock feature ensures that no-one else can join the call from the clinic waiting area page. This feature will be set at the clinic level and clinic administrators can decide whether or not to implement the lock call function for each clinic.

    To enable call lock and give your service providers the opportunity to lock a call they have joined, simply click on the toggle switch.
    Then press Save.
    Once a service provider joins a call, they will see the lock button at top left in the call screen.

    Click the lock button to lock the call.

    Short URL 

    This field will show your clinic's short URL. This is populated automatically when you create your clinic and can be a convenient way to share the link to your waiting area.

    Under Your current short URL you will see the current short URL for your clinic.
    If you have a long clinic name and want to change the clinic's short URL to make it easier to share you can change the Short URL path. This will change the wording after the forward slash in your clinic URL. 

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