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    Integrating Video Call into your organisation's SSO Process

    This information is for IT specialists who support SSO integration in their organisation

    Single Sign On (SSO) is a sign in method that allows users to use one network password to access all their organisation's systems. Your organisation is able to integrate Video Call into your SSO process. Go to the last paragraph on this page to see our testing phase information and form.

    What are the benefits of this change?

    Our aim is to enable Video Call to become part of your organisation's current sign in processes. If your organisation uses SSO and includes Video Call in that scope, then account holders will no longer require an additional password for our video telehealth service. This will make the sign in process more streamlined.

    What happens if my organisation does not use SSO?

    There will be no change to current sign in functionality (username/password) if your organisation is not using SSO.

    What do I need to do to implement this process?

    The following links will take you to documents that will assist you every step of the way:

    • SSO fact sheet: Outlines what SSO is and what integrating Video call into your SSO process will look like.
    • SSO change management checklist: This checklist helps ensure you follow the process and successfully integrate Video Call into your organisation's SSO process.
    • Corporate IT SSO implementation form: Read the steps, fill out the table on this form and return it to us to start the process of integrating Video Call into your SSO process.
    • SSO Guidelines: SSO process guidelines and information.
    • SSO Sign off form: Confirms that the guidelines have been read and followed, testing has been completed and organisation sign off has been obtained.

    Testing phase prior to implementation

    For our testing phase we will first be implementing SSO authentication on our User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment.
    Please complete this Corporate IT SSO Implementation form (UAT).

    Once we have completed testing phase in UAT we will work with you and your IT department to enable SSO on production.


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