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    Video Call status page

    Check the status of Video Call before reporting an issue

    The status page gives users insights into the status of the Video Call service and highlights any current service issues. This page tells you which services are currently up and running and which are having issues. It also shows a seven day history of each component's status and reflects on the 30-day trend. This page is set up to allow video call administrators to first check whether there are any current issues before reporting an outage. 

    Below are descriptions of the various components of the service as shown on the status page:

    Application The Video Call application available at - all the admin and clinic pages.

    Authentication The login service at
    Bookings & Integrations
    The service that allows appointment bookings and manages the availability of add-ons (integrations) - not currently applicable to Healthdirect Video Call.

    Connection Monitoring
    The service that tracks video call connections and saves metadata about them.

    The service that provides video sessions both for meeting rooms and waiting areas.

    These relate to the servers that allow the setup of a video connection between participants - you will notice there are several, this is for scalability.

    If you need to report an outage or other issue, please contact one of the following: 

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    We are currently setting up a GP-specific support line.

    In the meantime please use these other support options.

    Email support

    or speak to the Video Call team on 02 8069 6079

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