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    Attending a Video Call appointment - What to expect

    For callers clicking on the start video call button

    To attend a Video Consultation, follow these steps:

    1. Click on the  Start Video Call button on your health service website or the link you received at the time of your appointment. 
    2. Healthdirect will request you to allow the use of your camera and microphone.
    Click Allow to continue.

    If you do not see this, try restarting your camera.
    If restarting the camera does not resolve your issue, click on view help or visit:

    3. When you select start a video call you will be asked to enter your:
    • First and last name, 
    • Phone number and any additional information requested by your health service.
    Click on the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions and then click Continue to proceed.
    4. Read the Important Information presented to you and click Continue to proceed further. 

    5. You are now in the call queue.

     You will see a live video of yourself. This is not recording or viewed by anyone else - it is their to keep the page active until your call is joined.

    Please note any messages from your health service.  

    Please note: You can change the waiting area music to a different genre, if desired.

    6. The clinician arrives and your consultation will begin.

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