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    How to receive waiting area alerts

    What Video Call platform role do I need: Team members/administrators with Waiting Area access

    You can receive alerts when callers are waiting in your clinic waiting area. These alerts can be configured so that you know when callers arrive, or have been waiting for a set amount of time - even if you are away from your desk. 

    Please note these alerts are set for your account and do not change alerts for other team members of the same clinic.

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    Step by step instructions

    1. In the Waiting Area dashboard, click Waiting Area Alerts under Clinic Settings on the right. 
    Waiting Area Dashboard

    2. You have three options for receiving waiting area alerts: SMS, Email and Desktop. You can quickly see what is currently enabled or disabled. To configure these click on the arrow next to the desired option. 
    Waiting area  - notification options

    1) Send SMS Alerts allows you to receive a text message when a caller is waiting for a set amount of time. Call Alert Delay timer allows you to set the amount of time your patient will wait before you receive a notification. You can use the Send SMS alerts toggle to turn SMS notifications on and off.
    SMS Notification and alert delay field
    When a patient has been waiting for the set amount of time, a text message will be sent to the specified number. This will include a direct link to access the clinic's waiting area from your mobile device.
    SMS Notification example

    2) Email Alerts allow you to receive an email when a patient has entered your clinic's waiting area. The email address associated with your username will be pre-populated initially, you can change it here at any time. 
    3) Desktop Alerts enable an alert on your desktop when a patient has entered your clinic's waiting area. This will include an alert sound.
    Desktop alert example

    Note:***Your notification number and email address will remain stored in your account for the clinic you have set alerts for until you change it. Phone numbers are currently stored in the clinic settings. These need to be set up for each clinic you support.

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