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    Indication for patients disconnected from the waiting area

    Who this page is for - all Video Call users

    Occasionally, callers entering the Waiting Area experience technical difficulties that lead them to become disconnected from the call queue. 

    To ensure patients are aware they have been disconnected from the call queue, there are two main changes implemented:

    • When a patient enters the call queue, the music player will only begin once the patient is fully connected and in the ‘You have joined the call queue’ state. All other stages (connecting, joining, reconnecting, disconnecting, and entering a call) will not play music, so there will be an audible distinction for the patient.

    • If a patient gets disconnected from the call queue, the reconnecting state will now show the following message, prompting them to check their internet connection:

    These small but important changes will improve the user experience and reduce frustration for all parties involved.

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