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    Adding an interpreter to the call

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    You may want to add an interpreter to your call and this can be done in several ways.

    When using interpreters you can develop your own processes to make it an efficient and effective workflow for your service. It depends on what works best for your service and your patients. This page offers some suggestions and guidelines based on the processes several health organisations have incorporated into their telehealth clinical practice.

    Using an interpreter service

    Your organisation may use an interpreter service regularly or you may have in-house interpreters, and you can work with them to develop processes for bookings and provide them with links to the required clinic waiting areas. Interpreters will need to know what information you want them to provide as they are starting a video call so they are easily identifiable in the clinic Waiting Area. Interpreters will also need training in how to participate in a Video Call.

    Adding an interpreter to a call

    The simplest way is to book an interpreter, provide the URL for the Waiting Area you require them to arrive in and, at the time of the patient's appointment, add an interpreter to a patient's Video Call as you would normally add a participant. Remember you can have up to 5 participants in a single video call.

    You can specify with the interpreter service the information you need the interpreter to provide as they start the call and it is helpful if they provide their name, the patient's name and the language they will be interpreting as well as their phone number. This way the service provider can clearly see who they are and will know which patient's call to add them to. 

    How does the interpreter get picked up by the clinician?

    There are several workflow options you could implement. Here are two suggestions:

    • Some organisations have a separate clinic waiting area for interpreters so that they always arrive in the same waiting area initially (see below for transfer process).
    • The interpreter could come into the specialty clinic that the patient is being seen in. For larger organisations with many Waiting Areas this would result in different waiting area URLs to choose from and it would be essential for the interpreter to have the correct information.

    Transferring the interpreter to the required clinic (if required)

    If the interpreter is in a waiting area that is different to the one the patient will have their consultation in (eg an interpreter specific clinic) they will need to be transferred to the required waiting area:

    • The interpreter waits in the clinic waiting area their link has brought them into.
    • A designated person, eg a receptionist, practice manager or org admin, transfers the call into the required clinic. This can be either a transfer without joining the call (cold transfer) or by joining the call and confirming the interpreter's name and other details before transferring the call (warm transfer).
    • Once the interpreter is waiting in the required clinic waiting area, the clinician can add them to the call with the patient.
    • Another option for transfer if you have a separate interpreter waiting area and a separate reception waiting area: 
      • A designated person joins the call with the interpreter and checks their details. They then transfer the interpreter to the Reception waiting area - where the patient is also waiting. 
      • A designated person joins the call with the patient and then adds the interpreter to the call. They then transfer this call to the waiting area for the clinic where the patient will be seen by the clinician and leave the call. This leaves the patient and interpreter on hold together in the same call.
      • When the clinician joins this call both patient and interpreter will be in the call and the consultation can commence.

    Using pre-populated links to provide easy access to the required Waiting Area:

    Pre-populated links allow an interpreter easy access to the required Video Call clinic waiting area.

    Providing them with a link that is pre-populated with the required information, taking them directly to the required waiting area will make the process easy to navigate. 

    You can provide your interpreter service with a link they can modify to include the interpreter's name, the patient's name and the language they will be interpreting as well as their phone number. You can also modify the clinic URL in the link so they go directly to the correct Waiting Area.

    Tip: the interpreter's name, patient name and language can all be added to the name field to make it very clear to the service provider who this interpreter needs to join.

    It is recommended that the interpreter service formulates the URL for each particular interpreter session. Once the link has been set up it can be shared with the booked interpreter, along with the appointment time and any relevant patient information. The bookings, including appointment time and assigned interpreter, could be handled using a shared calendar or through individual calendar invitations.

    Example of a link template:

    In this link the clinic name can be modified as can the first and last name and the phone number to have all the relevant information added for easy access to the waiting area.

    Query Parameters for Pre-populated links 

    There are a few extra query parameters that are available to be added to the URL:

    You may also add any additional fields that you have created in your clinic by adding extra parameters.
    EG, "&additional={phone"0417845675"}"

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