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    What is Healthdirect Video Call

    How is video call different to other telehealth platforms?

    What is Video Call

    Video Call is a purpose-built suite of services, tools, and resources. Video Call makes it easy for clinicians to say, “Yes, you can attend your consultation via video.” Accessed wholly via the web, it is available to use anywhere, on everyday devices with a good internet connection. The Video Call service is delivered by Healthdirect Australia through the support of Commonwealth and state health departments.

    Video Call has been developed by Healthdirect Australia to make it easy for healthcare providers to offer their services via video consultation. Consumers can connect with their healthcare professional from their home, from work, or from wherever is most convenient, using everyday devices – smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

    healthdirect Video Call is a complete telehealth ecosystem knitting the 3 layers (technology, management and resource centre) seamlessly together.

    healthdirect Video Call takes a top-down approach driven by health requirements and clinical workflows making video a natural access channel to service providers rather than a technology push of business video conferencing software into health.

    How does Video Call work?

    Video Call provides a single, consistent entry point on the service’s webpage for all patients, where they enter an online waiting area for their appointment.

    Patients attend appointments via the clinic’s website and wait in their own private room, in the waiting area. Unlike traditional video conferencing, no account, special software or dial-in details are needed, which reduces the need for extra resources or systems to support video consulting.

    Clinicians prepare to engage with their patients as normal, except they join patients via the clinic’s online waiting area instead of its physical one.

    Staff manage their clinics as usual. Video appointments are handled through existing processes and systems and are run like any other consultation. Clinic staff are notified when a patient arrives in the online waiting area and staff can even transfer patients to other specialists online.

    Health Services have access to all the support, advice and resources they need to help with adoption and use of Video Call.

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