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    Online training for familiarisation with Video Call and new features as they become available

    Webinars are a great way to learn online and we recommend you attend a session to make the most of your Video Call experience. A Video Call specialist will step you through what the Video Call platform looks like, where to find information you need, how to join a call and how to customise (configure) your Video Call clinic to have it reflect your health service requirements. You can ask questions during the webinar through a 'chat' function.

    Currently our regular familiarisation webinars are run on Wednesdays. We run targeted webinars for Service Providers (how to sign in and see your patient using some of the valuable tools in Video Call - 40 mins) and Clinic Administrators (Essential configuration tasks - 1 hr). 

    Sign up for a training webinar during January 2021, selecting the date and time from the list:

    If you can't attend the times available, you can watch a pre-recorded webinar or contact us to arrange a time for your team to do training with us.

    If you wish to speak to the team about running webinar training specifically for your team or organisation, please call our support line on 1800 580 771. 

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