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    Aged Care clinic administration

    Clinic administration information for Aged Care telehealth coordinators

    Aged Care Facilities that are set up with a Video Call clinic will have nominated a telehealth coordinator who is the main person responsible for organising and managing telehealth appointments for residents. Each clinic requires at least once clinic administrator who can set up (configure) the clinic and waiting area to suit the facility's needs. This can be the coordinator themselves, or they may choose to allocate this role to another staff member. 

    The essential configuration tasks, including adding and managing team members and setting the RACF virtual clinic hours, are outlined below with links to relevant pages and information in our Resource Centre. Some of the wording on the linked pages may relate to doctors working in clinics that have their own Video call account, however the processes are the same for RACFs set up with their own account who will be joining health service providers in a Video Call.

    Configure the Clinic Waiting Area

    Your RACFs Video Call Clinic Waiting Area can be set up to suit your facility's needs. The links below show the configuration options available and step by step instructions:

    Configure your Clinic Settings

    As well as configuring your clinic waiting area, you can also update your clinic name, if required, add a logo to brand your clinic, and add support contact/s for your staff.

    Run usage reports for your clinic

    Clinic administrators can access and run usage reports for their clinic. There are three reports administrators can run and download at the clinic level: Service Providers, Meeting and User Room Calls and Waiting Area Consultations. The reports allow you to access the reporting data for your clinic in each of these categories and are a good way to see how Video Call is being used in your facility. 

    Add a survey for your clinic

    You can create a survey for your staff and/or the health service providers and other participants in a Video Call with a resident. This can then be added as post call link that participants are direct to and is a good way to get feedback regarding the Video Call experience. Surveys needs to be created in a survey creation tool first and then the link can be added.

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